Royal Canin X Small Puppy Review

royal canin x small puppy

Royal Canin X Small Puppy is specifically tailored to meet the protein and energy requirements of extra-small breed puppies, helping them reach their full potential. Its small, easy-to-chew kibble reduces tartar formation while satisfying even picky eaters like extra-small breed pups. Plus, this formula features antioxidants and vitamin E for strengthening immunity!

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Product Description

This food is specifically tailored for small breed puppies between four weeks and one year of age, and includes antioxidants to support immune system health, fiber, prebiotics and blended minerals that will promote their overall growth and development.

Royal Canin is a pet food company dedicated to offering dogs of all sizes and stages a selection of nutritious food products that meet their individual needs, from puppies through mature dogs. Their team of veterinarians and nutritionists understand each animal’s individual requirements to help bring out its greatest potential.

This high-protein product features a moderate amount of named by-product meal as its primary source of protein, along with other fiber sources including psyllium, beet pulp pulp and minerals. Designed specifically to meet the energy requirements of very small breed puppies while stimulating picky appetites while building natural defenses through its proprietary complex of antioxidants with vitamin E.


Royal Canin is well-renowned for their puppy formulas and recipes designed to promote strong puppy development. Owned by Mars Petcare, this company sources ingredients from farms in Missouri.

This dry dog food was specifically created for small breed dogs. It provides all of the proteins, minerals and vitamins your puppy requires during their intense growth period; while also helping boost their immunity with antioxidants and minerals. Furthermore, this product includes calcium chelators which will prevent tartar build-up on their teeth.

Start off right by adding chicken by-product meal as its primary protein source, crafted by baking and grinding parts of chicken that would not typically be considered edible for human consumption such as necks, feet, entrails and undeveloped eggs. Brewer’s rice provides its main carb source.

Nutritional Values

Royal Canin is an American pet food brand dedicated to satisfying different breeds, sizes, lifestyles and health requirements of cats and dogs alike. Their products are developed by veterinarians and nutritionists so each dog can thrive as their finest self.

This product from the brand is tailored specifically for small breed puppies between 2-10 months of age with an estimated adult weight of 4 kg or less. It provides support during their intense growth period through tailored nutrition with antioxidants and minerals designed to strengthen immunity while supporting brain development during early puppy training through DHA’s inclusion. In addition, prebiotics and highly digestible proteins help balance out microbiomes while supporting digestion health.

This food provides an abundance of protein from dehydrated poultry protein and vegetable protein isolate, with low fat levels that primarily come from corn and wheat gluten meal. There is moderate use of named by-product meal as well as unspecified meat meals in its ingredients list; additionally it features low soluble fiber levels but high amounts of insoluble fibers (including psyllium).


Very small breed puppies have specific nutritional requirements that must be met in order for them to grow efficiently and have healthy appetites. Royal Canin X-Small Puppy food was specifically created to meet this need.

This food provides all of the vitamins, minerals and proteins essential for very small breed puppies to thrive, including L-carnitine to promote fat metabolization. Furthermore, its smaller and more compact kibble is specifically tailored to better fit the jaws of very small breed dogs and reduce tartar buildup while making chewing easier for puppies.

Royal Canin facilities allow them to maintain tight control over the quality of ingredients used, thus making this food less likely to be recalled than those produced at third-party facilities. Furthermore, this formula contains few known allergenic triggers.