Royal Dog Food Review

royal dog food

Royal dog food is a Mars-owned brand that provides nutritious foods for every breed, size and health condition. Their mission statement states: ‘to create a better world for pets’.

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Their dog food is tailored to each breed and symptom, such as obesity or digestive issues. Furthermore, they have a vet line with prescription diets for dogs diagnosed with diseases like diabetes or allergies.



Protein is essential for your dog’s wellbeing. It aids them in building new tissues such as muscle, bone, hair, skin and organs. Protein helps ensure that all these areas stay strong and healthy!

Additionally, it assists with digestion and supports joint health.

Hydrolyzed protein is a type of protein that has been broken down into smaller molecular size, enabling it to be absorbed more readily by your pet’s digestive system.

Royal Canin uses chicken by product meal in their dog foods, which is an excellent source of protein and also contributes to reducing food waste. This sustainable practice helps cut back on animal cruelty too!


Royal dog food is specifically tailored to meet the nutritional needs of dogs at every life stage. Additionally, it offers breed-specific formulas and diets designed to prevent or treat common health conditions, like diabetes.

The brand is produced in the United States, where stringent safety laws and regulations guarantee a high standard of quality. Meat and fat ingredients are subject to more scrutiny here than elsewhere in the world.

Royal Canin dog food contains added fish oil, which provides dogs with essential Omega 3 fatty acids. Unfortunately, it’s unclear where this ingredient came from and whether or not it’s of the highest quality.


If your dog struggles with digestive issues such as diarrhea or constipation, they need to be on a diet rich in fiber. This will help them eliminate waste more quickly and lower the likelihood of developing colon cancer.

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Gastrointestinal Fiber Response Dry Dog Food is an ideal option for dogs who require extra fiber to digest fats and proteins. This specialized diet contains hydrolyzed protein which has been preprocessed so it breaks down more readily in the digestive system.


Carbohydrates are an integral component of your dog’s food intake. Not only do they give him energy, but they also help him feel satisfied after eating.

Carbs also act as a prebiotic, providing beneficial bacteria in your pet’s digestive tract. This helps regulate bowel movements and enhance overall wellbeing.

Royal Canin has a longstanding reputation for producing premium pet foods tailored to specific breeds, medical conditions and more. Their brand of food is well-loved by both vets and owners alike.


A nutritious diet should contain plenty of vitamins and minerals for energy production, joint health, immune system function, skin/coat health, eye health – just to name a few! Royal Canin offers an extensive range of dog food with vitamins and supplements tailored specifically for your pup’s needs.

One of the most essential vitamins is Vitamin B6, which assists with glucose production, red blood cell production and nervous system function. Additionally, it supports niacin synthesis and an efficient protein metabolism. Other essential nutrients include Vitamin C and Vitamin D.


Royal dog food provides your puppy with all the essential minerals they need to grow healthy and strong. Not only does it boost their immunity, but it also keeps their teeth and bones in excellent condition.

Royal dog food contains the major minerals calcium and phosphorus as well as iron, copper, manganese and selenium. These trace elements are essential for proper bone development, oxygen transport and enzymatic activity.

Trace mineral overdose can be deadly, so make sure your dog only receives small amounts of these essential minerals. Excess consumption could lead to vomiting and diarrhea, loss of appetite, seizures, shock, lethargy, muscle tremors or even death.