Small Dog Treats

small dog treats

Small dog treats are an effective way to reward good behavior while simultaneously engaging your pup and keeping him/her occupied and entertained.

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However, it’s essential that you select an appropriate treat for your dog based on their age, size, and any special needs they might have.


Milo’s Kitchen Chicken Meatballs

Milo’s Kitchen Chicken Meatballs are delicious home-style treats designed to give your pups the taste of homemade food, featuring real chicken as the primary ingredient and featuring natural smoke flavor for an authentic chicken taste. Made in Spanish Fork, Utah and featuring natural smoke flavor – perfect for smaller breeds but large pets as well – these high protein dog treats feature soft textures dogs love. With no artificial colors or flavors added during production and being free from artificial preservatives; feel good giving these high protein pet treats to your furry pal! Made without artificial colors or flavors so no artificial preservatives will have no artificial additives that would affect their appetite either! Made in Spanish Fork Utah featuring natural smoke flavor for an authentic chicken taste experience your pup will relish!

Greenies Teenie Dental Treats

These original-flavor dental dog treats feature an irresistibly chewy texture to help combat plaque and tartar buildup in small breed dogs, and come highly recommended by vets and accepted by the VOHC (Veterinary Oral Health Council). Plus, their highly digestible ingredients make these natural treats safe for at-home oral care of small breed dogs!

These dog treats go beyond teeth-whitening capabilities to offer other notable features, including an adult recipe with balanced protein levels and microencapsulated fish oil to support healthy skin and coat. Maintaining optimal oral health in your pup will not only keep their spirits high but can extend his or her lifespan!

Old Mother Hubbard P-Nuttier Biscuits

Old Mother Hubbard P-Nuttier Biscuits are one of the most beloved small dog treats on the market, packed with peanut butter for an irresistibly tasty training reward or snack! Plus, their low calorie count lets you feel good about giving them as treats to your pup.

These biscuits are handcrafted using quality ingredients like whole wheat flour, rolled oats and peanut butter – free of artificial flavors or preservatives to provide your pup with a nutritious treat!

P-Nuttier natural dog biscuits come in the shape of fun bone shapes and feature delectable flavors like peanut butter, molasses, apples and carrots for optimal freshness and taste. Each biscuit is carefully baked slowly to lock in freshness – an excellent addition to your pup’s diet.

Natural Balance Grain-Free Treats Sweet Potato & Venison Formula Dog Treats

Natural Balance Grain-Free Treats Sweet Potato & Venison Formula Dog Treats provide your pup with high-quality, grain-free snacks designed to promote good digestion while supporting skin & coat health. This natural treat supports digestion as well as providing them with extra goodness!

These treats are made with premium protein and carb sources to provide your dog with all of the nutrition he or she requires – not to mention having an irresistibly delicious flavor and crunchy texture! All dogs love them!

Small dog treats such as these can also be great choices for dogs with food allergies as they do not contain grains such as wheat, barley, or corn. Keep in mind though, that these treats should only be given intermittently or supplementally so it’s important to monitor how your pup eats so he does not become sick from overeating.