Small Pet Select Chicken Layer Feed Review

small pet select chicken layer feed

Small Pet Select chicken layer food is a non-GMO and corn-free combination of high protein pellets, grains and seeds with Omega-3 vegetable oil enriched by kelp, brewer’s yeast and other sources for complete nutrition for laying hens.

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This organic chicken layer feed is USDA-certified and composed entirely of organic ingredients. Each pellet provides essential nutrition, such as protein, calcium and vitamins.


Purina Organic Layer Crumbles

Purina Organic Layer Crumbles provide a complete and balanced ration for egg-producing chickens that is free from GMO ingredients and certified USDA organic. PLC offers 16% protein for laying hens. Pellets make handling and feeding simpler while minimising waste; both options provide equal nutrition.

This layer feed is tailored for chickens that have reached 20 weeks and begun laying. Too much protein in their diet could cause Fatty Liver Hemorrhagic Syndrome – a serious disease which deposits large amounts of fat deposits in their livers, potentially leading to fatal results for poultry.

Feed Purina Organic Layer with Oyster Strong as the sole diet to laying chickens during their egg production cycle. Provide ample shelter, fresh, clean water, large flake oyster shell and grit at all times and offer Purina Organic Layer with Oyster Strong system which contains an exclusive combination of oyster shell with key vitamins and minerals such as vitamin D to ensure they receive sufficient calcium during night-time egg laying sessions. It comes in 25lb bags.

Kalmbach Feeds All Natural Layer Crumbles

Small Pet Select has created the ultimate non-GMO chicken layer feed: their formula ensures your hens receive an ideal balance of proteins and energy, helping them produce nutritious eggs for you to enjoy! Plus, with ingredients like kelp, brewer’s yeast and fish meal included as vitamins to keep their birds in top form!

This non-GMO chicken layer feed features 16% protein. Crafted with natural ingredients sourced locally in the Pacific Northwest, such as high-protein pellets, grains and seeds with Omega-3 vegetable oil as well as organic herbs and spices such as brewer’s yeast, kelp meal and fish meal, it boasts of 16% protein content.

This product is intended for egg-laying hens and sold in 40-50lbs bags. It should not be fed to starter or grower poultry nor poultry not involved with egg production as its higher level of protein would likely exceed what laying hens need for production purposes.

Homestead Harvest Non-GMO Whole Grain Layer Blend

This non-GMO layer feed includes an assortment of grains such as wheat, barley, peas and flaxseed meal; along with fortifying them with vitamins and minerals to aid digestion while providing ample calcium to build strong shells in egg layers. Available in 25lbs bags this feed can be used as starter feed, development pullet food or as an egg layer feed source.

This nutritious layer feed is free from corn and soy and made with organic ingredients from local farms, while providing essential proteins and fiber. Kelp and linseed oil both offer essential omega-3 fatty acids for overall good health of laying birds as well as ducks. Suitable for feeding all laying species.

Desertcart India provides an assortment of chicken layer feed products, such as organic feed. Their company provides fast and free delivery across India from global brands.

Mile Four Organic Layer Feed

Good quality chicken feed for laying hens will contain an appropriate blend of proteins, vitamins, calcium to support strong eggshells and be available in different forms (mash, crumble or pellets) with easy digestible ingredients that make for easier digestion by the birds – soy- and corn-free as well as offering additional supplemental nutrients like omega-3s and vitamin D to improve egg quality.

Mile Four is an eCommerce company selling organic whole grain chicken feed nationwide, using a local mill in Morris and sourcing its grains from Minnesota and Dakotas. They also provide subscription delivery options so customers can customize deliveries according to flock size – saving both time and money over time. Based in Minneapolis but focused on backyard chicken markets.