Snacks For Leopard Geckos

snacks for leopard geckos

You should know that leopard geckos will eat a wide variety of insects. These creatures will also eat earthworms, but they probably contain pesticides. You should always avoid giving them these. It’s better to find snacks for leopard geckos that they’ll find in their natural habitat.

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Mealworms are a staple of the diet of leopard geckos. These creatures are the larval stage of the darkling beetle, and they molt several times. At each stage, mealworms can resemble different insects. While they can be a source of protein for your gecko, they are not as nutritious as crickets.

Mealworms are not the healthiest snacks for your gecko, so you should never offer these to your pet. It is best if you avoid giving your pet dried mealworms or other dry food. A gecko’s diet should be made up of fresh foods. In fact, your pet’s diet should be primarily composed of live food. If you plan to feed your gecko dry food, be sure to buy special dishes that shake and vibrate.

The key to feeding your gecko is to keep it healthy and happy. If your pet is healthy, you can feed them every other day or more frequently. However, if your leopard gecko is sick, you should feed them daily. The best times to feed your gecko are during the late afternoon or early evening. These are the times when leopard geckos are most active, and they would normally be out hunting for prey during these times.


You can buy freeze-dried grasshoppers from a pet shop. They contain very little moisture and high levels of protein and fiber, making them an ideal treat for your gecko. They also make excellent back-up food when live feeders are not available. However, be aware that freeze-dried grasshoppers can be hazardous to your gecko’s health because they can get stuck in its digestive tract.

While grasshoppers are not recommended as a primary diet for your gecko, they are a nutritious and easy-to-groom snack. You can also feed mealworms to your gecko. These are available in a variety of sizes, including the giant king mealworm. Unlike crickets, mealworms are not harmful to your gecko, and can be fed live to any size of gecko.

Dubia roaches

Dubia roaches are suitable snacks for leopard geckos because they contain protein. They live for up to two years and grow up to two inches long. However, it’s important to prepare them properly before you feed them to your geckos. You should first gut load the Dubia roaches by giving them nutritious powdered food. Then, place the roaches in an enclosed container.

Dubia roaches are a high-energy food source for your geckos. They contain calcium and phosphorus, which boost their metabolism rate. However, it’s important to avoid overfeeding your geckos as this could lead to obesity.


The eating habits of leopard geckos are similar to those of humans, which means they are strict insectivores and prefer insects as their primary food source. This means you can easily provide your pet with a varied range of feeder insects, including mealworms, crickets, and dubia roaches. Unlike humans, geckos do not require a high protein diet, but they still need some fat in their diet to keep themselves warm.

The diet of leopard geckos should be carefully balanced. Avoid feeding your geckos low-protein bugs, such as nightcrawlers. They lack the necessary enzymes that trigger their natural hunting instincts. Instead, offer them a variety of healthy insects, such as mealworms, which are a great snack for adults. Always remember to mix mealworms with other insects, such as worms, because feeding your gecko only mealworms may lead to stunted growth and vitamin deficiencies.


Pinkies are an excellent snack for leopard geckos, since they are rich in calcium and other important nutrients. They can eat up to one live pinky mouse each week. They also enjoy thawed frozen ones. For breeding females, you can offer a few pinkies each week.

The ratio of calcium to phosphorus is 1:1 to 2 for leopard geckos. In contrast, most insects provide more phosphorus than calcium. If your pet is not getting enough calcium, it will start to draw calcium from its skeleton, resulting in metabolic bone disease.

Leopard geckos are generally vegetarian, but occasionally they will eat a pinkie mouse as a snack. It is important to provide a variety of food for them to enjoy. It is also important to feed them a variety of insects. Try to choose a couple of favorite insects, then rotate them as often as possible.