Stardew Valley Guide – How to Feed Cows in Stardew Valley

stardew valley how to feed cows

In Stardew Valley, you need to know how to feed the cows. To do this, you need to go outside the animal-holding building and right-click the vertical door. During the night, rain, and winter, the animals won’t come out to eat grass. To get them to eat grass, you need to feed them with a food substance. Fortunately, this process is very simple.

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Farming in Stardew Valley

One of the most important things to do in Stardew Valley is to feed the cows. A happy cow will produce more milk and more gold. It is also essential to feed them hay every day. Milk is a valuable resource in the game, as it can be used for cooking and cheese. Milk is also important for your health and your family’s well-being, so make sure to always have a milk pan ready.

In order to feed the cows, you should first upgrade your farm buildings. Besides, it is important to upgrade your barns. This way, you can raise more animals. Especially on the new Beach map, the barns are essential. You can also turn the animals’ products into valuable goods. Eventually, you will be able to afford a veterinary visit and the other upgrades that will help you improve your farm.

Milking a cow

Milking a cow in Stardew valley can be done in many ways. You can purchase a Milk Bucket from Marnie’s Ranch for 1,000 Gold. When you buy milk from a cow, you need to make sure the cow is happy and friendly. The bigger the milk that your cow gives you, the happier she will be. Once you have a happy cow, you can milk it every day.

The first step in milking a cow in Stardew Valley is to make sure that you have enough food for it. Use your index and thumb to gently squeeze its teat. Continue until you notice the milk flow has slowed down. After that, you can put it in the refrigerator to store it. If you feed the cow every day, you’ll increase her happiness and friendship. A large amount of milk will also give you more gold. You can also use this to make a large mayonnaise.

Feeding chickens

In the game Stardew Valley, you can raise your own animals including Chickens. They’re an excellent companion and can even earn you a nice profit if you have enough eggs. But you have to feed your Chickens properly and in accordance with the season and weather. Here’s a guide to feeding your chickens in Stardew Valley. You can also buy hay from the Desert Trader or Marnie’s Ranch.

In Stardew Valley, there are two primary ways to feed your chickens: green grass and hay. Green grass disappears during the winter, so you have to make do with hay. However, hay is more expensive than green grass. In the game, you can also choose to feed your chickens eggs if you’d like. These eggs can also be used in recipes. As you can see, farming chickens is important in the game.

Building a barn

Building a barn to feed cows in the game requires you to have at least one animal farm. It takes up a 7×4 area on your farm and requires three days to build. It is possible to choose a farm with four cows or two and an ostrich. When you build your first barn, it comes with a hay hopper and a feeding bench. You can upgrade this to a bigger barn by obtaining Gold.

The hopper inside the barn will fill with hay, which you can collect for 4 hay per click. The hay will stay in the hopper until you feed them. The hay comes from silo reserves, which are filled by chopping grass with the scythe tool. You can also buy heaters for your barn from Marnie. This will help you keep the animals warm and happy.


You can use silos to feed your cows in Stardew Valley. You can either build your own silo or ask Robin’s Carpenter Shop to build one for you. Hay can be stored in chests for the winter, which is great for preparing the cows for the cold seasons. Here are some tips for building a silo. Read on to learn more about the benefits of silos in Stardew Valley.

Cows need hay. A silo stores 240g of hay, and you can use it to feed your cows. Silos are cheap to build, and you can add more at any time. A silo can be built in a 3×3 square area of your farm, and the building cost is only 100 gold. It is advisable to build a silo before you start raising animals.

Buying a cow

If you’re a fan of the life and farming simulation game Stardew Valley, you’ve probably wondered how to feed cows in the game. You know how to grow crops efficiently, but you might not have a clue how to milk a cow. Here’s how to do it. You’ll need a Silo and Barn, and a Milk Pail from Marnie’s Ranch.

First, feed the cows. If they are friendly and happy, they will produce milk. Then, you can sell the milk for up to 644 Gold. If you’re particularly crafty, you can even set up a dairy farm, complete with cheese production. Using a guide for Stardew Valley how to feed cows will help new players milk cows in the game and help experienced players build a dairy farm.