Suet Blocks For Wild Bird Food

wild bird food suet blocks

If you’re planning to feed your favorite birds some premium suet, you might want to consider a few of the more popular brands. These include Browns Garden Chic, Heath Peanut Premium, and C&S Mealworm. Read on to discover what makes these brands stand out among the crowd. We also highlight some of the unique ingredients that make these suet blocks great for your bird friends. So, get out your strainer and start sifting!

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C&S Mealworm

A great option for attracting birds to your garden is a suet cake made of mealworms. The C&S Mealworm No-Melt Suet Cake (CS12583) contains these mealworms. This nutrient-rich suet attracts a greater variety of species. Pileated woodpeckers enjoy the healthy suet dough.

These cakes are available in six different flavors that will attract many types of birds. They fit into any suet feeder. They come in convenient packaging and can be recycled when empty. They attract a variety of songbird species. You can also purchase suet cakes in bulk and keep them in your feeder for a longer period of time. This suet cake is available in two different packaging styles – no-melt.

Heath Peanut Premium

The Heath Peanut Premium wild bird food sueting cake is a great treat for backyard birds, as it contains a delicious berry flavor and rendered beef-suet. This suet cake is great for birds of all seasons, and the suet doesn’t melt in the hot sun! It’s the perfect winter treat for Siskins, juncos, and goldfinches.

A suet cake is a perfect choice for songbirds, because it contains beef suet, peanuts, and different grains. It’s also high in fat, which ensures a great energy boost for birds. The best suet cake also contains different grains and seeds. Heath Peanut Premium wild bird food suet blocks contain roasted beef suet, corn, and oats.

Browns Garden Chic

While most birdfeeders don’t include peanuts in their ingredients list, you can add them to a bird feeder if you want to attract songbirds to your yard. Browns Garden Chic peanutty suet cakes are a favorite of songbirds and other critters. The cakes are made with pure fresh suet and other ingredients such as peanuts, wheat, and sunflower seeds. These suet cakes can be used year-round for attracting different kinds of birds to your yard.

This delicious suet cake is a favorite for many birds, including songbirds. It contains beef suet, roasted peanuts, oats, and corn, and features chili pepper to deter squirrels. The suet cake’s rich flavor attracts different species of birds, including juncos, goldfinches, and Siskins. The suet cake’s ingredients are ideal for all seasons, and won’t melt in hot sun.

Heath Peanut Suet

If you’re trying to attract birds to your yard, try feeding them Suet Cake. This mix of peanut pieces, suet, and seeds is delicious for backyard birds. The suet won’t melt, and the peanut butter flavor is a big attraction. If you’re looking for a great suet cake, consider Heath’s Peanut Crunch Suet Cake. This suet cake is great for attracting a variety of backyard birds throughout the year.

Suet cakes are also an excellent choice for backyard birds. Heath Peanut Suet Cakes can be placed in standard suet feeders and platforms. Peanut parts are included, as well as corn and wheat. It is made in the United States. Peanuts are a favorite of cardinals and nuthatches, so you can feed them during the colder months. And because suet cake is a staple food of many backyard birds, it can be placed anywhere in the yard.

Heath Peanut Mealworm

When you want to attract more birds to your backyard, consider adding some suet to your garden. This tasty treat contains peanuts and other nuts and is an excellent source of energy for backyard birds. Heath Peanut Mealworm in wild bird food suet blocks contains peanut parts, corn, and wheat. Heath is a USA company, and all its products are made in small batches in its facility in Missouri.

Aside from traditional suet blocks, you can also purchase cakes containing dried fruits. These cakes attract many types of birds and are a great alternative to regular suet blocks. They are also suitable for suet feeders of all types. Suet cakes made with corn meal or peanuts are best kept refrigerated. Nuthatches and woodpeckers can also access suet cakes.

Heath Peanut Raw

If you’re looking for a natural and safe way to feed your backyard birds, you can make suet cakes. These cakes are held together by solidified fat or crumbly dough. Once prepared, they’re placed out for the birds to eat. You can also purchase suet cakes from Heath Outdoor Products, such as the DDB3-18 Orange Suet Cake. For best results, start with a single suet cake and gradually increase the quantity as birds begin to like them.

Suet cakes are a delicious way to attract a variety of birds. This type of wild bird food contains beef suet, roasted peanuts, corn, and grains. You can purchase these products all year round, as they won’t melt. This kind of suet cake is suitable for winter and summer birds alike, and squirrels will avoid it if you put it out in the summer.