Taste of the Wild Wetlands Dry Dog Food

taste of the wild wetlands

Taste of the Wild Wetlands dry dog food is a grain-free, unique protein formula featuring potatoes and sweet peas for optimal energy delivery. Plus, its delicious recipe features roasted quail, duck, and smoked turkey as delicious treats that your pup is sure to adore.

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This dog food is proudly produced in the US by a family-owned business that prioritizes quality ingredients and nutrition as top priorities. Furthermore, this formula includes an antimicrobial probiotic strain designed specifically to support digestion and immunity in dogs.



Taste of the Wild Wetlands dry dog food was designed to mimic your pet’s ancestral diet with premium real meats, vegetables, legumes and fruits for an exceptional taste experience, highly digestible energy sources and antioxidants to support their immune systems.

This grain-free wet dog food features roasted duck, chicken and quail as its primary ingredients. Careful formulation has gone into creating this formula so as to be gentle on digestion while providing essential nutrition to your pet. One of the most popular formulas from Rachael Ray Nutrish Peak line of natural dog foods. Contains 30% high quality protein; includes vitamins minerals & taurine.


Wetlands are areas of land that remain permanently or temporarily wet and support a diverse community of plants and animals, such as marshes, wet grasslands or floodplains.

Taste of the Wild Wetlands dry dog food provides your pet with an all-around balanced meal, from protein-packed real roasted quail, duck and turkey to natural antioxidants to help them remain happy and wag-worthy! Perfect as either their primary diet or an addition, Taste of the Wild Wetlands offers complete and balanced nutrition in every bag – ideal as either their sole source of nutrition. This grain-free formula features real roasted quail, duck and turkey which provides ample amounts of essential amino acids necessary for their healthy metabolism while being free from corn, wheat fillers as well as artificial flavors colors or preservatives. Plus wag-worthy goodness is guaranteed with each bag full!

Smoked Turkey

Taste of the Wild Wetlands grain free dog food offers your pup delicious roasted quail, duck and turkey flavour that they simply can’t resist! Plus sweet potatoes, peas and berries to boost his or her immunity as part of its nutritional mix – with plenty of chelated minerals for digestion support and antioxidants packed within its recipe to promote good immune health! Perfect as either an exclusive diet or to add as flavorful boost to current dry kibble for optimal performance!


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Blueberries can often be found growing wild in wetlands where water meets land, creating the ideal environment for birds and other forms of wildlife to flourish.

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