Tetra Prima, TetraColor, and Thera+A – The Best Tropical Fish Food Granules

tropical fish food granules

If you have tropical fish, you should be providing them with food that is formulated to meet their specific nutritional requirements. Some of the top-quality brands are Tetra Prima, TetraColor, and Thera+A. Read on to learn more about these foods and their benefits for tropical fish.

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Tetra Prima

Tetra Prima granules are designed to provide balanced nutrition for your tropical fish. Made from wholesome ingredients, they help your fish achieve optimal growth and vibrant colouration. The food is ideal for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Its granular design makes it easy for your fish to feed from.

Its granular form is ideal for fish that feed in the middle and lower water. These include barbs, loaches, discus fish, and angelfish. This food also promotes vibrant colour intensity and vitality.


‘Thera+A’ tropical fish food granules contain extra garlic, which has been proven to boost immunity and parasite resistance in tropical fish. Garlic is also a powerful attractant. The formula also contains a high level of Omega-3 and higher protein. These ingredients ensure that your fish get everything they need. ‘Thera+A’ also doesn’t contain any drugs, and is suitable for all tropical fish, even those in the most stressed conditions.

These granules are also available in flake form. These flakes are ideal for marine and freshwater pets, and contain a special blend of natural ingredients. These flakes help improve your fish’s immune system and help them maintain vibrant colors.


TetraColor Tropical Fish Food Granules are a nutritious food that is specially formulated for enhancing the color of your tropical fish. They are made with a blend of Vitamins C and Pro-Care to help your fish look their best. These granules are slow-sinking and ideal for mid and bottom-feeding fish.

This slow-sinking granules provide your fish with a complete daily diet. They also contain patented ProCare and prebiotic formulas to support a healthy immune system and maintain a balanced metabolism. Additionally, they contain Omega-3 fatty acids to promote beautiful natural colors in cold-water fish.


TetraGoldfish tropical fish food granulations are designed to provide a nutrient-rich daily diet for your fish. They feature patented ProCare, a prebiotic formula that supports a healthy immune system, and Omega-3 fatty acids that promote growth and healthy metabolism.

These premium granules contain a premium blend of marine and vegetable proteins that meet the dietary needs of small tropical fish. They have the right amount of water-soluble vitamins and minerals, and are designed to float at the surface of the water for easy access. Because they contain so much air, they float longer than other types of fish food. This air-filled quality can cause some fish to bloat.

TetraColor Marine Flakes

TetraColor Marine Flakes are a great way to provide your fish with balanced nutrition. They are also packed with antioxidants, which are beneficial for your fish’s immune system. They are designed to be easy to digest, and they contain a special formula that helps reduce waste.

TetraColor Marine Flakes are high in carotenoids, which can help your marine fish develop vibrant colors. They contain brine shrimp and a ProCare blend to provide your fish with a high-quality protein diet. Moreover, TetraColor Marine Flakes are great for tropical fish because they also contain a high concentration of vitamin C.

TetraMin Tropical Granules

TetraMin Tropical Granules are a complete food that contains a balanced combination of high quality, functional nutrients. These nutrients support healthy growth and vitality, as well as vibrant colouration. This food is an excellent choice for feeding ornamental fish. It is available in flake mix form.

This nutritious food is also formulated with clean & clear water formula to maintain aquarium water clarity. TetraMin is a popular choice for tropical fish around the world. Its patented ProCare formula promotes a healthy immune system, enhances fish color, and helps maintain the clarity of aquarium water.