The Benefits and Risks of Bulk Dog Food

bulk dog food

Purchase of bulk dog food offers pet parents the potential to save money and avoid weekly trips to their local pet store, yet it’s essential that they consider both its advantages and drawbacks before making their decision.

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How Can Wholesalers Benefit You? When selling directly to consumers, wholesalers eliminate middlemen and offer lower prices compared to retailers. But which wholesaler should I Choose for My Needs?



Pet food purchased in bulk can be extremely cost-effective for large dogs or breeders. It offers them access to premium kibble at an economical price; however, be careful not to buy too much all at once as some could go rancid before your dog consumes it all!

Many retailers advertise that they offer wholesale pricing for customers purchasing in bulk, but this may not be entirely accurate. Bulk refers to consumer purchases made for personal use while wholesale refers to purchases made by veterinarians, breeders or resellers in large volumes in order to resell it back onto consumers at retail price.

Another important consideration when buying in bulk is shipping costs. While many websites conceal their shipping charges, which could reduce any savings realized, some retailers do not charge shipping for large orders.


Dog food can spoil quickly if stored improperly, potentially containing harmful toxins that could make your pet sick and/or losing its nutritive value over time and even rotting away in its entirety. If you purchase too much bulk food and fail to consume all before its expiration, they’ll become waste and health risks for both of your dogs.

Chewy offers products scientifically designed for all sizes of dogs. Their selections for small, medium and large breed varieties contain essential nutrients that combat common health issues associated with size. Furthermore, there are food mixes designed specifically to address arthritis, dental hygiene and sensitivity needs.

Costco is another reliable option when purchasing bulk dog food, offering brands like Purina Pro Plan, Hill’s Science Diet and Advance. They also regularly provide coupons and discounts through social media and their website.


When purchasing bulk dog food, ensure it contains high-quality ingredients. Seek foods with a high meat content as well as minerals and vitamins; avoid those containing fillers like ash and cereals which tend to be cheaper but may not deliver equivalent nutritive value.

When evaluating bulk dog foods, be sure to note their cooked weights rather than looking at raw ingredient lists, since cooking changes the water content in foods. In addition, labels should provide information regarding which meat sources were used and the protein percentage.

Bulk food requires adequate storage space. A sealed bag typically lasts six weeks before its quality begins to degrade, potentially costing both time and money to dispose. Furthermore, this could potentially result in health concerns for your pet as it becomes unsuitable for consumption.


Purchase of bulk dog food can save money, but proper storage is key to prevent spoilage and pest infestation. A sealed container that keeps pests out while maintaining moisture levels in is the optimal storage solution; there are various totes specifically designed for pet food which offer this feature as well as different sizes available to meet different storage needs and decor styles.

Store food in a cool and dark location to protect its nutritional content and ensure freshness for optimal consumption by your pets. Heat and moisture can quickly degrade nutrients and fats found in dog food, causing its flavor and scent to diminish, leading to vomiting or diarrhea in your animals. Furthermore, always wash your hands after handling dog foods; this prevents transferring bacteria onto their surface, particularly important when storing raw products.