The Best Bee Feeders For Winter

Bee feeders can help ensure that your bees have enough resources during winter with the best models available. Designed to replace one of your frames within your hive and monitor resource levels without opening it up again.

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This frame-style feeder features ladders and grooved sides to help bees cross their syrup without drowning, fitting most glass jars conveniently and making for easy cleanup.


1. 1.1 Pound Entrance Feeder

Entrance feeders are an economical and straightforward solution for beekeepers looking for quick solutions to feeding. They consist of an upturned receptacle installed inside the entrance of a hive with a base for bees to stand upon when feeding, though these types of feeders should not be used during colder temperatures as they can leak, freeze over or cause bees to drown if exposed to freezing temperatures. Unfortunately they also tend to attract animals such as skunks, bears, birds, raccoons and squirrels – though most beekeepers tend to prefer more secure models like this when used properly!

Frame or pro feeders provide another means of supplemental feeding; these plastic or wood feeders fit inside the hive and replace one of its frames, providing more security against invading wasps, larger capacity than entrance or division board feeders, easier refilling capabilities as well as being easier for beekeepers to manage than entrance/division board feeders, yet bees can still drown in these feeders regardless of measures such as using floats/ladders etc. Plus they’re difficult to clean out so can even buildup occurs inside these feeders!

2. 2.9 Ounce Entrance Feeder

This entrance feeder replaces one of your normal frames and holds enough syrup for several refills without disturbing your bees. Also referred to as a division board feeder, it offers an effective and cost-efficient means of feeding your bees.

An internal hive top feeder is another great winter option. Not only is it much cheaper than an entrance feeder, but its hidden nature means it is immune from being opened by robbers or pests attempting to gain entrance.

Honey Hive Farms’ feeder stands out by featuring a float to prevent bees from drowning while saving money while protecting beehives. Furthermore, this product comes stapled, glued and ready for installation, making this an excellent option.

3. 0.2 Pound Entrance Feeder

Toughtimbers’s Hive Top Feeder ensures bees have all they need for survival, during winter season when their stores of honey may run dry. Equipped with several features to provide bees with all they require to thrive; fitting into any 10-frame hive and ready to install with staples, glue, floats fitted within to easily deliver syrup to bees when they land, as well as numerous compartments built-in that prevent drowning of bees, as well as center access that makes getting access to this valuable source easy and essential to their survival.

This feeder sits directly at the entrance of your hive and makes it easy for you to monitor resource levels without opening up the hive. Easy and durable setup are hallmarks of quality construction made in the US; small holes allow bees to feed through without flooding into and drowning themselves.

4. 1.2 Pound Entrance Feeder

This entrance feeder is perfect for beekeepers looking to feed their colonies without disturbing the bees. With its multistep entrance and accommodating most syrup jar sizes, this entrance feeder makes feeding colonies straightforward and hassle-free. Monitoring is simple as well as refilling quick!

Entrance feeders are easy and versatile ways for beekeepers who are concerned about robbing to feed their bees regularly without disrupting them. Refillable with products such as sugar water, pollen patties or dry sugar granules, they offer bees the nutrition they need without risking being stolen away by invading bees.

Entrance feeders are one of the most sought-after types of bee feeders, being easy to set up and fitting most Langstroth hives with ease. Constructed out of wood and equipped with floats to prevent robbers from accessing their syrup supply, entrance feeders make a perfect solution for beekeepers looking to make their own syrup at home – not to mention being affordable and available in various sizes – not forgetting their versatility when it comes to cleaning and reuse – not forgetting they’re stackable storage capabilities!