The Best Bowls For Puppies

best bowls for puppies

Olivia, a Bulldog/Boxer mix, like many flat faced breeds (also called brachycephalic breeds), finds it challenging to fit her mouth into traditional food bowls and also struggles to drink water from traditional sources.

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Luckily, this raised bowl can come to the rescue! Featuring a melamine base which keeps it tilted at 15@, this elevated bowl provides just what is needed.


Stainless steel

Stainless steel bowls are durable and easy to keep clean, featuring no attractants such as odors or scratching that ceramic and glass dishes may do, while they don’t crack as often either. But they can be quite heavy. Furthermore, when the dog eats they may make a loud tink noise that might alarm some canines; this may especially troublesome for flat faced breeds such as pugs and bulldogs who cannot easily shove food in their mouths.

This stainless steel bowl features a rubber slip-resistant ring to reduce slipperiness while simultaneously encouraging slower eating and spillage. Insulated to keep water cooler and dishwasher safe, it is an excellent option for older dogs unable to bend down for drinking as the bowl features an indentation that fits a standard 2-liter bottle, providing automatic water dispensing functionality.


Puppies can be messy eaters, so selecting a bowl that will prevent spills is of the utmost importance. The ideal bowls should be constructed of durable material capable of withstanding claws and paws while being easy to clean and dishwasher-safe; additionally they come in various styles that complement your home decor.

Raised bowls may also help dogs who have difficulty reaching their food to relieve neck strain, reduce digestive issues and make eating easier for them. These ceramic or porcelain bowls are often dishwasher safe.

Travel water bowls can make for great options for puppies on the move. Free from BPA and phthalates, with a tapered lip designed to prevent spillage of liquid, they hold up to 4 liters of water while coming equipped with filters.

Spill mat

If your pup tends to spill food or water all over after eating, a spill-resistant mat could be just what’s needed to save your floors from disaster. These mats feature special grooves designed to trap even tiny food crumbs while being washable for easy clean-up.

If you want to get more from their kibble diet, this bowl from Heyrex may be just what is needed. With its special coating that allows for delicious-smelling human food beneath their kibble to make it more appealing. Plus it is insulated to keep their food and water cold and comes in various sizes!

This bowl comes equipped with a lock feature to prevent your dog from spilling its contents onto the ground or tabletop during outdoor activities, making it perfect for camping trips or other adventures. Plus, it is dishwasher-safe!


This plastic bowl features shallow grooves to slow your pup down when eating, which may help with fussy eaters. Furthermore, its large bump is designed to keep food and water separate as well as catch any accidental splashes. BPA, PVC and phthalate free; ideal for wet or dry food – and easy to clean in the top rack of any dishwasher!

Splashers and bowl tippers can be difficult to manage. Their digging into food/water sources or flipping over dishes for fun can make feeding and watering sessions challenging, so the ideal way to manage this behavior is with heavy weighted bowls or those featuring wide rims or more stable bases like this double insulated one which offers maximum cooling capabilities for water sources.


Bowls that elevate food and water for your dog’s meals can reduce strain on their neck, helping ease neck pain and making mealtime more comfortable for them. Some elevated feeders even feature maze-like patterns to encourage slower eating – helping stop your pup from gobbling down their food in one sitting!

An effective elevated feeding station should feature non-skid pads on its base to stop it from moving across your floor, be sturdy enough to support the weight of a large dog, and easy to clean. Furthermore, separate bowls for food and water allow you to control how much of each you feed your pup at one time.

The best raised feeders are constructed of stainless steel and come equipped with non-slip bases to be used on any surface, while being easily wipe-cleanable and dishwasher-safe for convenient cleaning.