The Best Chew Treat For Puppies

best chew treats for puppies

Puppies often seek comfort through chewing to ease teething pain. While this behavior is normal and should be encouraged, it’s essential that safe chew options be made available so as to avoid choking and damage to their oral structures.

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There are a variety of long-lasting natural chews designed to distract puppies and prevent destructive behaviors like separation anxiety. Examples of such natural chews:


1. Rawhide

Rawhide has long been a favorite dog chew treat. Unfortunately, large chunks can break off and be swallowed whole and cause an obstruction either in their esophageal or intestinal passageways.

Tanner recommends non-rawhide options as less risky alternatives. He suggests trying dehydrated beef trachea or bull penises that won’t splinter easily.

Icelandic lamb horns offer another safe, hard alternative to rawhide bones that won’t expand in your pet’s stomach, says Tanner. These natural chews contain high concentrations of keratin which provides essential keratin support for nails, skin and hair health – as well as being low calorie chews that won’t expand.

2. Bones

Dogs love chewing bones, but they may also get into mischief by nibbling on things such as leather shoes and full rolls of toilet paper – chewing these could result in choking hazards or damage to internal tooth structures.

To avoid this scenario, look for bones made of safe materials. The ideal chew treats should combine hard and soft textures; additionally they must be durable enough to withstand teething stages of life.

One option for puppies to enjoy is this kangaroo tail chew, made by slow air drying for added toughness. Another popular chew treat is the Angus Stuffed Bone which features an especially challenging exterior combined with crumbly beef and tapioca filling for maximum fun and enjoyment!

3. Fish Skins

Puppies need something to chew on to help keep their teeth and gums clean, without triggering allergies or itching. Look for natural chews crafted from exotic or alternative proteins; rabbit ears can make for shorter-lasting treats as they offer several minutes of playback time.

These single-ingredient chews make an excellent alternative to antler bones and horns that may break teeth, as they contain keratin which provides structural support to nails, skin and hair health, while their rough surface helps reduce plaque and tartar accumulation.

Long-lasting dog chews can also serve as an effective distraction for dogs with separation anxiety. By distracting their attention away from destructive chewing or barking at the door, long-lasting chews provide them with something else they may associate with leaving you for work – such as destructive chewing or barking at the door.

4. Yak Cheese

Yak cheese chews are a tasty and nutritional chew option that will keep teething puppies busy for hours. Smoked to create an irresistibly delicious flavor, they offer dogs hours of chewing fun – while their special chewing texture reduces plaque and tartar build-up in their teeth.

Natural Farm offers long-lasting natural chews in various forms – straight chews, coiled springs, rings and braids – which provide up to one hour of chewable protein-rich goodness and low in fat content.

Pet parents looking to avoid beef can give their pup Icelandic lamb horns as an alternative source of nutrition, rich in keratin which promotes healthy nails, hair, skin and dental health. Plus they’re an economical alternative to antler chews which may splinter and cause internal or external tooth damage!

5. Bladder Sticks

As puppies go through their teething stages, they’re likely to chew on anything within reach with their razor sharp teeth – this helps ease pain while loosening baby teeth and pushing adult ones toward the surface of the gums. Chewing can help relieve discomfort as well as work adult ones into place on top of gums for maximum surface exposure.

Elisabeth Weiss recommends Icelandic lamb horns as long-lasting natural chew toys that won’t splinter. Not only are these tasty chews great sources of protein and minerals like calcium and zinc; but also make an ideal natural reward.

One popular option for puppies and senior dogs alike is a tripe twist stick, featuring a tough outer layer with soft crumbly meat filling that’s easily digested. While not the longest-lasting chew option available, these treats provide plenty of chew time!