The Best Dog Bones For Puppies

Puppies have sensitive stomachs and require chew toys that will not upset or itch them. Look for bone sizes appropriate to their size to find something appropriate.

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These chews feature cleaning ridges to help prevent plaque and tartar buildup, and a range of flavors to keep puppies interested. According to pet parents, these bones last longer than others while still being digestible for their pups.


1. Benebone Puppy 2-Pack Dental Chew

Puppies require teething toys, and this one satisfies both chewers and tasters. A bacon flavor draws puppies in, while the bone’s ridges help remove plaque and tartar buildup. Made in the US and without artificial colors or flavors – perfect for allergy sufferers too.

As an added benefit, this bone features some give, making it gentle on new teeth and gums. Available at most pet stores such as Petco and PetSmart in Canada.

Veterinarians agree that dog bones help promote better dental health by scraping away plaque and tartar build-up and providing distraction. Furthermore, these treats provide relief for puppies during teething by providing safe alternatives such as edible synthetic bones or chew treats that won’t break apart into small pieces which could pose a choking hazard. However, not all bones are suitable options – raw bones could lead to digestive issues, rectal bleeding or even choking hazards for your pet!

2. Purina Busy Bone

Keep your small dog entertained and engaged with long-lasting chewing fun with long-lasting chewy fun! This rawhide-free treat features an inviting texture designed to attract chewers while giving them something meaty – real pork is featured inside for extra reward! Specifically designed to stimulate chewing behavior while helping clean teeth cleanly while showing your love and caring by relieving boredom when you can’t play together, these chewy treats make a wonderful way to show how much you care while keeping him busy when playing time is limited.

Watch his tail wag as he discovers the delectable spiral of deliciousness hiding inside each chew bone! From its irresistibly irresistible Beggin’ Twist’d flavor to the long-lasting Busy chew, your pup is sure to love these irresistibly tasty treats made without artificial FD&C colors and safe for him or her to chew – there’s sure to be one just right for him or her in our selection of sizes and flavors – you’re sure to find one just right for them!

3. K9 Connoisseur Natural Dog Bones

K9 Connoisseur offers this chew bone pack designed with wishbones to assist puppies when sitting up while chewing, made of all-natural ingredients without added preservatives or artificial flavors, and boasting cleaning ridges to keep your pup’s teeth in top condition during chew sessions.

These bones are made with hickory smoke and include beef bone marrow for an extremely healthy treat that lasts. Perfect for small breed dogs weighing 15 pounds or less and featuring low calorie counts. Additionally, these treats are free from meat byproducts and contain at least 30% protein to promote strength and leanness in your pet.

Many pet owners find that bones with treats inside can help their puppies avoid destructive chewing, keeping their focus instead on the treats instead of off-limit items like shoes or furniture. Plus, digestible marrow won’t bother your pup or have unpleasant odors to disturb him/her – making these bones an enjoyable alternative to rawhide which often causes stomach issues and is more likely to shred than break apart!

4. PetSafe Chew Bone Starter Pack

This veterinarian-recommended chew kit is intended to foster good chewing habits from day one in puppies, providing all stages of teething with items including Pubby bone soft plastic puppy toys and flexible Puppy Chew bones made from soft materials for those just beginning to get permanent teeth, Power Chew chicken-flavored bones for more powerful chewers, as well as Healthy Edibles bacon-flavored treats suitable for pets 6 months or older.

This puppy chew toy is an ideal selection, as its sturdy construction withstands tiny teeth while its many ridges promote dental health. Plus, its design allows it to be filled with liquid and frozen – providing tasty relief during hot summer days or as an enriching puzzle-style play session for dogs up to 25 pounds! This toy makes an excellent companion!