The Best Food to Syringe Feed a Cat

best food to syringe feed a cat

If your cat has stopped eating on his own or has a medical condition that prevents him from eating, syringe feeding is the most effective way to ensure they get all of the essential nutrients they require.

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Syringe feeding is not only safe, but highly recommended by veterinarians around the world. When done correctly, it can even save your pet’s life.


1. Fancy Feast Sick Mix

Fancy Feast Sick Mix is an ideal option for cat owners who prefer to administer their cat’s food with a syringe. It contains low amounts of fat and grain free pate that’s easy to mix in water for convenience.

Typically, you should syringe feed your cat once every few hours. This will guarantee that she gets enough calories throughout the day.

Additionally, it’s essential to keep your cat comfortable while she eats. Wrapping her in a towel and holding her gently is the best way to ensure she swallows everything without any difficulty.

2. Purina ONE Sick Mix

Syringe feeding your cat is an efficient and secure way to provide them with essential nutrition. Additionally, it helps prevent them from suffering from poor health or malnutrition.

Purina ONE is a widely-sold pet food brand found in groceries, big box stores and online retailers alike. Their selection of wet and dry formulas are veterinarian recommended for various health needs.

Syringe feeding your cat Purina ONE Sick Mix, which comes in various flavors. This formula boasts a high protein content and is soft and easily digestible.

3. Purina ONE Feline Formula

If your cat is suffering from a serious illness, they may lose their appetite and require syringe feeding to get the calories they require to stay alive. This could occur due to various reasons like gastrointestinal upset, upper respiratory infections, liver disease or diabetes.

Purina offers several formulas tailored for specific conditions and age groups, such as adult, kitten and sensitive diets in both dry and wet foods, moist kibble and crunchy textured options.

Many of these formulas are high in protein and designed with optimal amounts of vitamins and minerals your feline friend requires for complete wellness. Many recipes also include named meat by-products which not only provide essential nutrition but are highly digestible for cats as well.

4. Purina ONE Adult Formula

Syringe feeding your cat if she is sick, weak, or suffering can be the best way to give them the nutrition they need. But be sure that you use the appropriate food and syringe in order to avoid any potential issues.

One of the most popular formulas is Purina ONE Adult Formula. It boasts a high protein content and comes with an all-natural antioxidant blend to promote your pet’s overall wellbeing.

5. Purina ONE Kitten Formula

When syringe feeding your cat, it is essential to select the appropriate food. Syringe feeding can be stressful for cats and lead to serious health issues if not done correctly.

Purina ONE is the ideal food to syringe feed your cat, as it offers complete and balanced nutrition. Plus, it contains DHA–an important nutrient found in mothers’ milk that supports brain and vision development.

Real chicken is the primary ingredient in this high-protein dry kitten food, helping support your cat’s growing muscles and providing it with delicious poultry flavor she’ll love. Plus, it’s made with a SmartBlend of high-quality ingredients with real vegetables like carrots and peas for extra nutrition.