The Best Frozen Food For Tropical Fish

Pet owners of tropical fishes have access to several varieties of frozen food for them, including flake, pellet and freeze dried options. Some also contain live food items such as water fleas (daphnia), brine shrimp or tubifex worms for additional nutrition.

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Frozen foods can help meet the high nutritional requirements of aquarium fish and encourage feeding and breeding. They may also stimulate feeding and support reproduction.


Hikari Mega-Marine Algae

Hikari Mega Marine provides an ideal, balanced diet for angel fish and other omnivores alike, in an easily-dispensable blister pack. Packed full of sponges, plankton, krill shrimp clams mussels squid & spirulina this revolutionary formula will ensure healthier vibrant colorations in your aquatic friends!

For optimal results, feed only as much food as your fish will eat within one minute multiple times throughout the day. This allows your fish to mimic its natural feeding instincts rather than eating in one large chunk and digest their food more fully, leading to faster growth and healthier fish. Hikari’s three step sterilization process guarantees unequalled product quality free of parasites, harmful bacteria and foul odor. Each frozen food from Hikari features only the finest quality ingredients without byproducts or fillers added as filler materials.

Ocean Nutrition Formula Two

Ocean Nutrition Formula Two Flake provides herbivorous marine fish species with a balanced, varied, and nutritional diet. Composed of premium seafood ingredients like kelp and spirulina to mimic their natural habitat’s nutritional spectrum, it will improve health, resistance, vivid colors and vivid health of aquarium inhabitants while encouraging natural feeding behaviors with highly palatable small flakes that come packaged in convenient 5.5oz containers to provide ongoing supply of nutrition-rich food.

Slow-sinking flakes are designed for herbivorous and omnivorous tropical fish alike. Packed in nitrogen flushed foil bags, these soft moist pellets feature fresh seafood ingredients such as spirulina, kelp and garlic for easier digestion and cleaner aquarium environments. Furthermore, these delicious slow sinkers contain refined quality marine proteins for increased palatability and growth support.

Hikari Bio-Pure Rotifers

Rotifers, one of the tiniest inhabitants of aquatic environments, provide an essential food source to fish larvae as well as newborn corals and invertebrates. Rotifers also provide nourishment for sygnathids (seahorses, sea dragons and others).

This particular variety of frozen rotifers has been vitamin-enriched and fortified to increase their nutritional value, and gamma-irradiated to ensure no harmful bacteria or parasites are present. They come in convenient “no-touch” cubes that make feeding marine and freshwater fish species easy.

When adding rotifers to your aquarium, ensure to turn off skimmers and return pumps at the time of addition, to prevent organic matter rotting in the tank. Provide only what your fish can consume within five minutes twice daily and remove any uneaten food to protect water quality issues.

San Francisco Bay Brand Sally’s Frozen Brine Shrimp

Brine shrimp is an increasingly popular frozen food choice for aquarium fish due to its abundance of protein and essential nutrients. Furthermore, frozen brine shrimp is easy to store and use – providing aquarium owners with a simple option for feeding their aquarium fish.

Feeding aquarium fish a variety of foods can help them remain healthy and happy. Frozen brine shrimp is an excellent source of protein, amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals – perfect for supplementing their diet with. Frozen brine shrimp should be added in place of flake or pellet food as an enrichment option.

When selecting a frozen brine shrimp product, choose one without freezer burn and with vibrant color. Stored at temperatures under -18 degrees Celsius will ensure maximum freshness.