The Best Long Lasting Dog Chews

best long lasting dog chews

Many dogs enjoy chewing on something long-lasting to keep themselves entertained, deter destructive chewing behavior and reduce anxiety or boredom. Chewing helps keep them busy, prevent destructive chewing and relieve boredom or anxiety.

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Your canine’s perfect long-lasting chew will depend on their personality, natural appetite, and other considerations. Rotating various chews may even aid in improving their health!


Earth Animal’s No Hide Chews

Earth Animal’s No Hide is a healthy chew made with chicken from USA farms raised without hormones or steroids, hand-rolled, specially cooked and dried so as to be fully digestible without chemicals, bleaches or formaldehyde traces.

Organic eggs and olive oil come together to form a tasty treat for dogs to chew while simultaneously improving dental hygiene by gently scraping plaque and tarter off teeth while they chew. Furthermore, these treats are 100% rawhide free and made in the United States at an FDA-inspected human food facility.

Soaking No Hide does not prove or disprove anything; rather, its use just indicates that its ingredients are water soluble. Our responsibility as pet parents is to monitor chewing behavior of any chew, treat, or toy and remove it when pieces break off into small pieces.

Bones & Chews Antler Chews

Our antler chews offer a natural alternative to real bones or rawhides for dogs of all sizes. Crafted from 100% wild elk and deer antlers, we carry both whole and split antler chews – the latter are less durable but expose marrow cores that dogs enjoy chewing on!

Your dog ingesting natural nutrients like magnesium, calcium, phosphorous and iron when chewing an antler bone provides many natural health benefits like improving dental health and aiding digestion. Furthermore, antler alternative chews are odor-free and do not leave a mess or stain behind; plus their chewing action mechanically cleans teeth to reduce plaque and tartar build-up! Antler chews also offer great ways to curb destructive chewing behaviors by turning boredom into productive chewing sessions for your pet!

Bones & Chews Water Buffalo Horn Chews

These all-natural horns provide the ideal natural alternative to rawhide for dogs who enjoy chewing hard. Made of the tough and durable animal protein known as keratin (also present in their coats, nails, claws and hooves), the treats can be soaked in hot water then sanded before being covered in natural sunflower oil and air dried for maximum longevity as chew treats.

Horns provide dental hygiene benefits by scraping teeth during chew sessions and reducing plaque build-up. Plus, these high-protein treats are low-fat and grain-free – something you can feel good about giving to your dog.

As puppies’ deciduous teeth are fragile and at risk of breaking or infection, horns should only be given occasionally for teething purposes. As alternatives, rawhide alternatives or other chew toys could also provide effective teething relief for these furry friends.

Kangaroo Tails

Beef trachea can make for a fantastic treat with its tasty crunch and source of glucosamine and chondroitin for all stages of life, not to mention long lasting chews that won’t splinter like cooked bones might, which pose choking risks to canines.

Soft chews are great tools for dental health care as they reach between the teeth to remove bacteria build-up and are easy to digest, making them an excellent option for dogs with sensitive tummies. Chewing can also help distract dogs from anxiety-inducing behaviors such as separation anxiety – helping your pup understand that time alone won’t be something they fear but actually look forward to!

Rubber Toys

Rubber toys provide your dog with more than just chewing enjoyment; they’re also designed to stimulate mental stimulation if stuffed with treats or soft foods. Their durable construction means they can withstand rigorous chewing sessions, with some even featuring textured surfaces designed to help clean off plaque and help prevent tartar build-up.

These chews offer high amounts of protein and no carbohydrates, making them an excellent option for dogs on restricted diets. In addition, they’re an easier digestive option than rawhide; their lactose-free composition makes digestion simpler for your pup! To prevent choking and/or teeth damage from excessive chewing, always monitor their chewing. Furthermore, select one sized appropriately.