The Best Rat and Wild Bird Proof Chicken Feeder

The best feeder on the market that actually stops rats and wild birds! Hens step on a perch-like treadle to open and close their feed trough as needed.

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No longer do you need rat traps, poison or costly coops that could easily wipe out your flock – this feeder is cheap, humane and easy to assemble!


Rat Proof

The feeder deters rats, wild birds and other vermin from taking your feed by using pecking hens to peck at an eyebolt hanging down from the bottom of the bucket. When pecking occurs, this moves downward blocking access to your food supply – leaving little for freeloading rodents to consume.

Maintaining dry feed also prevents illness by eliminating botulism bacteria contamination of wet food sources – one of the primary causes of backyard chicken deaths in Australia.

Rat proof feeders are easy to keep clean. With no plastic or wooden parts that rodents could chew through, simply scrub it out using a bottle brush, wire brush, or both for best results. Remove treadle step to access trough more easily; though this reduces overall capacity. The weight adjustable treadle allows a range of bird sizes without being crushed by counterweight.

Bird Proof

By using this feeder, you will help keep wild birds away from your feed and reduce disease and parasite contamination that could quickly wipe out an entire flock in a matter of days. They also eat up too much of your expensive feed.

Treadle feeders allow chickens to gain access to their food without reaching or bending over, thus reducing waste. Furthermore, they prevent rodents from accessing it and make cleaning them much simpler.

Train your hens how to use the treadle feeder quickly by filling it up before bedtime, showing them in the morning, and repeating this cycle every few days until they understand how to open their door on their own. Blocking it open might confuse or frustrate them instead. There is even a larger version which holds over one sack’s worth of feed!

Bird Friendly

Feeding chickens can become an expensive and time-consuming chore when wild birds have access to your flock, stealing their food as well as spreading diseases and parasites that could decimate backyard flocks. Fencing off or scaring away these unwanted visitors may prove futile or impractical – making feeding time both costly and impractical!

To effectively address this situation, the best strategy is denying them access to your feed by blocking their entrance to your coop or by installing a weather and bird proof feeder.

Woodlink Platform, Birds Choice Bear Proof and BestNest Heritage Farms Absolute feeders are excellent choices. Droll Yankees Onyx feeder also works well, although its plastic lid and treadle can easily be compromised by rats and wild birds. Another excellent hummingbird feeder option is Juegoal Hummingbird Feeder featuring an Ant Moat with no-leak construction.

Easy to Assemble

If wild birds, pigeons, sparrows, grackles or squirrels have been stealing your feed and spreading diseases and mites into the coop, this feeder will put a stop to it. With its simple design of using narrow hardwood steps that allow chickens to perch comfortably while restricting rats access to door openings – combined with concrete counterweights this solution defeats both large rats as well as most squirrels.

Access holes are placed at a height that will enable even the shortest chickens to access their feeder without needing to bend their necks – usually around chest height for most breeds of chicken. We created comfortable flange shaped bottom access holes which won’t rub against chickens with large combs during frequent use and cutting is easy using a box cutter. Finally we have eliminated wood door blocks in favor of flanged front edges for doors which won’t be chewed away by large animals such as raccoons or possums (who tend to destroy so-called rat proof treadle feeders), gas welding ensures all parts stay together and won’t break under pressure in future years.