The Best Small Breed Dog Food

With so many food offerings aimed at small breeds, it’s crucial that owners prioritize those designed specifically to meet the nutrient requirements and accommodate for any medical conditions.

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Explore recipes with high-quality proteins like chicken, turkey and lamb meal to increase muscle mass. Furthermore, look for options with smaller kibble to ease consumption and digestion.


The Honest Kitchen’s Whole Grain Chicken Clusters for Small Breeds

Small breeds in particular will appreciate this food’s smaller kibble size that makes chewing easy on their tiny mouths and teeth, plus its lower glycemic index rating that prevents weight gain.

This food was developed by a veterinary nutritionist and made in the US using human grade ingredients that have been cold pressed, slowly roasted and gently dehydrated to preserve nutrients, aroma and texture. Plus it provides extra L-carnitine and Omega fatty acid support to promote metabolic health as well as skin and coat wellbeing.

Our chicken is cage-free, supplemented with fruits, vegetables, animal fats, kelp and live probiotics – and boasts a low glycemic index and no fillers or byproducts from GMO ingredients.

Wellness CORE Small Breed Puppy Food

Your small breed dog deserves only the best food! That’s why this high-quality diet contains tender pieces of roasted meat, healthy vegetables and an appetizing sauce – everything she needs for optimal growth!

It features cage-free American chicken as its first ingredient and includes turkey meal and salmon to ensure that your pup receives plenty of protein. Plus, flaxseed will boost immunity while providing omega fatty acids essential for maintaining healthy skin and coat.

Food from PetPlan provides guaranteed levels of DHA for cognitive development and calcium for bone health, while being free from peas and lentils that could present potential allergies in small breed dogs.

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Small Breed Dog Food

This high-protein small breed dog food is designed to meet the specific nutritional requirements of these compact canines. Free from fillers like corn, wheat and soy and featuring veterinarian-selected antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals as well as glucosamine and omega fatty acids to support joint and skin health, this formula also features glucosamine for joint support and omega fatty acids for healthy joints and skin care.

Beginning with real meat as the foundation ingredient and packed full of whole grains, garden veggies, fruits, and animal fats for healthy digestion and overall wellness, this food was specially developed with your small breed dog in mind and features smaller kibble pieces to meet his or her jaw size needs. Plus, its formula includes probiotics for improved digestive health as well as being hypoallergenic!

Nutro Wholesome Grain Free Small Breed Dog Food

Nutro’s nutritious recipes feature lean proteins, fruits and vegetables, whole grains and healthy oils to provide balanced meals without corn, wheat or soy – and without artificial flavors or preservatives!

This food features organic ingredients that have been grown without using glyphosate herbicide or synthetic pesticides, helping reduce any toxins that might adversely impact on the gut bacteria of your pet and lead to inflammation.

This recipe begins with chicken, an excellent source of high-quality protein. Incorporating additional components like organ meats and bones for more nutrients. Furthermore, this dish boasts both glucosamine and chondroitin to promote joint health.

Taste of the Wild Small Breed Limited Ingredient Dog Food

This food for small breeds provides high-energy, balanced nutrition in a convenient kibble size. A 30% crude protein content includes delectable proteins like venison and turkey with whole grains, vegetables, fruits and probiotics for optimal digestive health.

Ancient Grains recipes contain multiple proteins that could potentially irritate dogs with sensitivities; however, the brand utilizes real meat and animal-specific meat meal powders in order to achieve their high protein goals.

Other key ingredients include tomato pomace and chicory root, which both help improve digestion while adding vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, this food provides moderate levels of carbohydrates for energy needs while pregnant or lactating dogs may benefit greatly from feeding this diet.

Wellness CORE Small Breed Adult Dog Food

Given their higher energy needs, small breeds require food with optimal protein and calorie levels for optimal growth and wellness. CORE food contains superfoods rich in nutrition to support small dogs in living a long and happy life.

This grain-free dish features deboned turkey, oatmeal and salmon meal as its primary ingredients, supplemented with probiotics, omega fatty acids, and antioxidants for a complete diet.

Wellness food for small breeds is highly respected by veterinarians and has received many awards and recommendations. Unfortunately, Wellness has had recalls in the past so make sure you conduct enough research on this brand before purchasing; your veterinarian should be able to offer more insight.