The Best Soft Dog Treats

Soft treats can be delicious for dogs, since they’re easy to chew and low in calories. But to select healthy treats for your pup, read labels carefully – look out for treats with low calorie counts and an abundant protein source.

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Wellness Wellbites are a fantastic option, as they contain human-grade meats and fresh produce for optimal nutrition, free from glycerin, grains, or artificial flavors and colors.


Milk-Bone dog biscuits were first invented in 1908 and remain a favorite treat among canines to this day. Packed with protein essential for canine health, Milk-Bones also help reduce tartar buildup, plaque accumulation and bad breath issues while combatting both.

These treats are composed of wheat flour and malted barley. While most dogs find them safe, some dogs may experience digestive issues which manifest themselves with symptoms like bloat, itching, and diarrhea.

Treats should never replace regular feeding habits; no more than 10% of your pet’s daily caloric needs should come from treats. Furthermore, they contain artificial preservatives known to increase cancer risks in other animals; so always read labels before giving any treats to your pet.


Hill’s is one of the premier dog foods for treating health issues and their products can be found at most veterinarian offices. Their recipes are developed by a team of veterinarians and PhD nutritionists; additionally they boast a fully equipped animal hospital to monitor any possible effects their food might have on dogs.

Sensitive Stomach and Skin formula is an excellent option for sensitive dogs with digestive issues, and should be gradually introduced over several days to minimize upset tummies.

These treats are an ideal complement to Hill’s Prescription Diet foods such as B/D Multicare, C/D Multicare, Gastrointestinal Biome, G/D, HD and K/D foods for older dogs – their soft texture makes them easy to chew and digest while they provide essential nutrition to support kidney and heart health.

Old Mother Hubbard

Old Mother Hubbard is an iconic nursery rhyme first published in 1805. While its exact source remains elusive, this timeless rhyme has since become one of the most beloved nursery rhymes ever. Used both functionally and entertainingly by generations of children alike.

These all-natural treats are oven-baked to preserve their natural flavors, making them the ideal way to reward good behavior in your canine companion. Plus, treat dispenser toys can extend snack time!

Old Mother Hubbard treats come in various sizes to fit every canine’s individual needs, and include bone charcoal for improved breath and reduced flatulence. Berwind Corporation owns Old Mother Hubbard treats along with Eagle Pack and Wellness Natural Pet Food products.