The Easy Way to Feed Your Bees With a 1 Gallon Bee Feeder

One of the easiest ways to feed your bees is by using a 1 gallon bee feeder. This model features a stainless steel feeder screen that makes it easy to feed your bees without spilling syrup. You simply fill the pail with sugar syrup and slowly invert the lid to create a vacuum. Once the bees have eaten some of the syrup, the screen allows the remainder to drip down to the bottom of the pail.

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Sugar syrup

For beginners, making sugar syrup is a straightforward process. Place one-gallon-sized amounts of sugar in a zip-top bag. Make sure you cut the bag at a slit, or it will spill. Now, place the feeder on a flat surface, away from the hive. Bees will have difficulty accessing the sugar syrup if it is too close to the hive.

To make a simple feeder, simply use 1 part sugar to two parts water. This ratio is 33% sugar, which is about what the bees prefer. Concentrations greater than 50% are not as stimulating for bees. Regardless of what your preference is, sugar syrup for bees will help you get started. Be sure to follow all label directions and use the right amount to ensure the health of your colony.


One of the most important aspects of keeping bees is knowing how to properly feed them. If you aren’t able to provide them with nectar, the easiest way to feed them is to provide them with an ample supply of pollen. Bees need pollen to build their nests, so they can feed themselves. You can make your own pollen feeder or purchase an elaborate one. But whichever way you choose to feed them, it will be an essential part of their nest.

A one gallon bee feeder is an ideal choice for cold-weather climates. This feeder has a stainless steel feeder screen embedded into the lid. You’ll need to fill it with syrup. It is a good idea to follow a 1:1 water-to-sugar ratio for spring and fall feedings. Bees will appreciate a feeder that has a stainless steel lid, as well. You should also consider a deep-super to reduce heat loss in your hive during winter.

Frame feeders

The most basic of bee feeders is the 1 gallon plastic frame, which replaces one frame in a deep box. This feeder holds one gallon of syrup and comes with a ladder that the bees can use to descend. This minimizes the risk of bees drowning in syrup. The frame is also easy to clean and prevents any odor from developing. Here are the main reasons why this is an excellent choice for your colony.

This feeder is very easy to use and fits over the inner cover of a frame, with the central hole easily accessible. Bees won’t have a hard time entering this feeder. The feeder is made of clear plastic, which makes it easier for bees to find what they’re looking for. One gallon frame bee feeders come with two feeders and can be used for up to 2 hives, supplementing the nutrition of existing colonies.

Pail feeders

One of the best solutions to feeding your bees is a plastic pail. These feeders have a one-gallon plastic pail and a stainless steel screen to catch the nectar and put it right in their reach. During the spring and fall, you can fill these feeders with a choice of nectar substitutes and then place them over an inner cover hole. This allows your bees to easily access the syrup without any hassles.

The stainless steel feeder screen that comes with the 1 gallon pail feeder has a hole that is embedded into the lid. Bees can access the syrup straight from the screen. The pail can be filled with syrup and placed over the frames or the inner cover of the hive. A simple way to fill and remove the pail is to place it over the empty body of the hive to prevent robbing.

Refilling a 1 gallon bee feeder

You can keep bees healthy and happy by regularly refilling a 1 gallon bee feeder. This method is simple and economical. A 1 gallon sealable plastic bag is filled with three quarts of syrup and placed directly on the top bars of the hive. However, one disadvantage of this feeder is its small capacity, which means that you will have to constantly refill it. If you do not refill it on a regular basis, the feeder will interfere with the use of one frame and will drown the bees.

To refill a 1 gallon bee feeder, simply remove the lid, remove the top cover, and remove the inner cover. Replace the inner cover with a new one. You can also use a plastic lid made from polypropylene or plastic. Both of these materials are easily wiped down and can be filled with water. Moreover, the lid has a plug that makes it easy to refill. Besides, the bees can easily feed from the top hole of the feeder.

Using an inner cover

If you have a deep-seated one-gallon bee feeder, you may have heard of the use of an inner cover. Using an inner cover protects the feeding bucket from damage from the elements while providing easy access to the bees. The inner cover is made of stainless steel, and the stainless screen is melted into the lid. In cold weather, a telescoping inner cover makes it easy to replace the sugar water mix.

One of the benefits of pail feeders is that they are inexpensive and convenient. When used with an inner cover, the pail is inverted onto the hive, and the lid is squeezed to create a vacuum. When the pail is filled, it fits over the inner cover hole and is easy to carry and clean. A deep super helps keep hive issues to a minimum. Small holes can be punched in the inner cover to allow access to syrup by bees.