The Trainers Pouch – A Small, Durable, and Easy-to-Clean Silicone Dog Treat Pouch

silicone dog treat pouch

No matter whether you’re training your energetic puppy or practicing loose leash walking, having treats in reach is key for creating a fast connection between behavior and reward. A treat pouch keeps them close at hand while protecting clothing pockets from any leftover goodies!

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Find a durable silicone dog treat pouch that’s easy to clean and can clip onto both a belt or harness for use. Look for one with an external pocket designed specifically to hold clickers as well as one equipped with a carabiner hook to store clickers – as these will be more versatile in terms of how often it needs to be changed! The best ones may even feature an additional space designed to store poop bags.


Easy to clean

The Trainers Pouch is a small, durable and easy-to-clean treat pouch designed by professional animal trainers for use during clicker training sessions. Featuring one pocket that opens and closes securely using a strong hinge system and comes in various colors and sizes; BPA-free platinum silicone material ensures safe food consumption, plus it features a sturdy belt clip suitable for clicker training.

It’s easy to use and ideal for dog owners who appreciate simple designs. Water resistant, with tight closing to prevent food or crumbs from spilling out on walks; plus it has one-hand operation thanks to a zippered opening/closure system.

This pouch stands out as being odor-free and free from plastic or harmful chemicals, while being microwave and oven safe – making it the ideal companion on camping trips and hikes with your pup! Additionally, its small carabiner attachment allows it to attach directly to belt loops or leashes.


This treat pouch is constructed from food-grade memory silicone and flexible enough to flip inside-out for easy cleaning, lightweight yet durable, clips securely to a waist belt or belt loop for hands-free walking, features a zippered pocket for keys/phone and has a waste bag dispenser; making it the ideal companion on training walks!

This top opening bag uses magnets to easily open from the top with an easy snap seal seal for convenient treat retrieval. When not in use, it remains closed easily and stays closed tight; making this ideal for carrying treats, clickers, toys and poop bags.

This treat pouch stands out as being more stylish than others on this list, with plenty of room for treats, clickers and poop bags. Furthermore, its machine-washable construction and side buckle attachment hooks make it simple to secure to a leash or belt.


The sturdy, easy to clean pockets are sturdy and designed to prevent treats from spilling out during walks. Wear it as a purse or fanny pack for fast access during walks; clip it to your belt loop or pant loop for fast access during rainy days! Plus, they are waterproof – great for rainy days.

This treat holder is easy and convenient for training your dog while out walking, featuring a large-capacity pocket with an easy pull cord for opening/closing, plus it has an integrated clicker holder as well as a built-in poop bag dispenser. Plus it’s made from water-resistant materials with multiple color choices!

This treat pouch is easy to keep clean, durable trade quality belt is included and made of BPA-free silicone materials with no harmful chemicals present.


This versatile treat pouch is constructed of durable waterproof fabric and features an adjustable band of webbing on its front for attaching items such as collapsible water bowls or clickers. Additionally, its double-closing system ensures easy access and preserves treat freshness for longer. Easily cleanable and dishwasher safe!

This treat bag is a favorite among pet trainers and owners who wish to remain hands-free when training their dogs. With its belt clip design, this treat bag makes it simple to attach to leashes with carabiners or metal clips and to wear around your waist while training sessions take place. Plus, its insulated sleeve keeps food cool during training sessions!

This versatile, durable treat pouch is an excellent solution for dog training with moist treats like hot dog pieces or cheese. With a wide opening and magnetic closure for easy opening and retrieving food, its flexible silicone material easily reverses for cleaning while not absorbing odors.