Top 5 Lickable Cat Treats

Lickable cat treats can be an enjoyable way to reward your furry friend. Not only do they satisfy their licking instincts, but they’re also great hydration boosters!

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These tasty cat treats come in single-serve pouches for convenient feeding, and they come with various recipes to suit any feline’s palate. Some contain beef, chicken or seafood while others are specifically tailored for senior cats.


Kit Cat Purr Puree

Kit Cat Purr Puree is an all-natural liquid cat treat made with carefully selected ingredients. Made with chicken or tuna and free from artificial colors or preservatives, this treat is suitable for cats of all life stages and comes in 8 delicious varieties with plenty of moisture your feline friend needs to stay healthy and active. Whether used as a topper to make mealtime exciting and flavorful or served straight out the tube as an irresistible paw-some snack – Kit Cat Purr Puree has everything your feline pal will love this tasty product!

The secret to a great puree lies in using carefully sourced, simple, and wholesome ingredients. We include plenty of vitamins and minerals as well as zero grains or artificial preservatives or colors. Most impressively, this food actually satisfies your cat’s appetite while being beneficial for them. You can adjust the daily feeding amount according to your cat’s size, weight age and activity level.

Fussie Cat Puree

Fussie Cat Puree will have even the pickiest felines begging for more! This decadent treat has a creamy texture and delicious taste, all without the grains or preservatives. Plus, this grain-free and 100% natural treat comes with essential vitamin E to promote healthy skin and coat in your feline friend.

Fussie Cat Purees come in twenty delicious flavors to provide your cat with plenty of moisture for a healthy and active life. Use as a topping on their meals or serve straight from the tube as an irresistible snack. Not only that, but this nourishing and savory food is low in calories, fat and sodium too – making it the ideal addition to any feline’s diet! Contains no pork, lard or added colors and is enriched with taurine and vitamin E for urinary health; suitable only for intermittent or supplemental feedings; give to your cat at room temperature or refrigerated after opening.

Temptations Creamy Puree

If you’re searching for a soft, creamy cat treat your feline friend will enjoy, Temptations Creamy Puree is the perfect choice. This treat contains chicken and real tuna plus it has high magnesium content to promote good health.

This recipe is grain free and free of added fillers or by-products, plus it has low calories – perfect for serving as a healthy treat!

No matter if you give it to your cat in a bowl or hand feed them as an enjoyable treat, they’re sure to enjoy these delectable morsels. Plus, each treat comes squeezable in its own single-serve pouch for convenient handling and less mess.

These tasty cat treats come in 3 delicious flavors – chicken, tuna and seafood – making them ideal for interactive feeding. Feed by hand to foster bonding between you and your furry friend, put in a bowl as an entertaining snack or used as meal topping to tantalize picky eaters, these lickable treats can be fed by hand to enhance bonding opportunities between both of you.

Hartz Delectable Squeeze Up

Hartz Delectable Squeeze Up is a 0.5 ounce tube filled with an irresistibly delicious puree in kitty-approved flavor. These interactive wet cat treats make the ideal way to entertain your furry friend, providing them with a purr-fect bonding experience as you hand feed or use as a tasty food topper to tempt picky eaters.

Hartz Delectables series offers six delicious textures in six flavors – the most popular being Bisque! Other options include Stew, Savory Broths, Chowder and Soft Pate. Single-serve pouches make feeding your cat easy – simply open the top and squeeze! This tasty treat is suitable for cats of all ages as it contains no artificial ingredients: chicken by-product meal, ground corn and animal fat preserved with mixed tocopherols (by weight). Best of all? It won’t cost much either!