Top 5 Outdoor Duck Feeders

outdoor duck feeder

If you’re looking to buy an outdoor duck feeder, you should choose a galvanized one so that it will never rust. This is ideal because it will not need to be painted, and it won’t be a big mess for you or the ducks to clean up. However, you should be sure to get a lid for it, as it can become moldy if the rain or sprinklers get inside it.

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Treadle duck feeder

The Treadle outdoor duck feeder is made from galvanized sheet metal and is designed to last in outdoor environments. It features a sturdy base and a lid that opens when a duck stands on the treadle step. Despite its large size, the Treadle is still easy to maintain, and the depth of the base makes it difficult for animals to knock it over. This makes it safer for your ducks and less prone to food spills.

It is a popular choice among aviculturists, as it is made for large needs. Its 14 feeding holes on each side make it easy to serve more than a dozen baby ducks at a time. The feeder also has a cover to reduce waste. This is an important piece of equipment for a duck farm, and one that you should definitely consider buying. This feeder has earned the trust of millions of aviculturists.

Galvanized Poultry Feeder

If you’re looking for a weatherproof poultry feeder for your chickens, you’ve come to the right place. This galvanized steel outdoor poultry feeder will hold up to 25 pounds of feed. Designed to prevent spills, it is 100% spill proof and rainproof. Plus, it comes with hardware to attach it to a wall or other structure. These weatherproof feeders are ideal for all types of feed, including pellets, crumbles, grain, scratch, and more. Choose between a 10 lb corner model or a 25-pound center model.

A great feature of this feeder is the pre-drilled holes on the back panel. You can install this rainproof poultry feeder to a wall, wood, or even a stand. Although mounting supplies are not included, they are easy to use and don’t cause spills. The semi-closed design makes it easy for your chickens to reach the food without spilling any feed. Unlike traditional plastic feeders, you don’t have to worry about food spilling out because of the rolled edges.

Ware Manufacturing’s Feeder Trough

If you have a garden, you should consider purchasing a Ware Manufacturing’s Feeder Trough as an outdoor duck feeder. This feeder is made of sturdy galvanized steel, so you can be sure that it will not rust. There are a few drawbacks to this product, though. Its smaller size means that several chicks can feed at the same time, and it does not offer as much protection from the elements.

The Ware Feeder’s treadle design allows the chickens to feed from the top, which prevents them from scratching the trough. A treadle feeder also helps reduce spills and scratches. It also prevents the chickens from scratching the feeder bottom and will allow them to feed whenever they want. But a treadle feeder cannot prevent chickens from stepping into it, so it may not be ideal for backyard chicken owners.


The Kebonnix outdoor duck feeder is a modern alternative to plastic and metal feeders. Its galvanized steel construction is guaranteed to resist rust. There’s also a lid to keep out moisture and rain. One reviewer used crumbles, corn, oyster shell, and grit to feed her flock of chickens. She has not experienced any clogging, and is happy with its performance.

This general-purpose feeder is designed for use with multiple types of birds. It’s great for adult ducks, but its lack of a cover can make it vulnerable to damage by wild animals. It also might cause wet food, or worse, loss of food. The Kebonnix is priced very affordably and is a smart choice for a backyard. If you want a feeder that’s both reliable and affordable, look no further than the Kebonnix.

Miller Manufacturing

If you are considering buying a new outdoor duck feeder, there are some things to keep in mind. First, make sure the feeder you purchase is made of the highest-quality materials. Another important feature to look for is the price. While many models are priced similarly, they vary widely in terms of features and performance. It is important to choose the right one for your situation, as these features and price are closely related. In addition, the quality of the materials will determine how long your duck feeder will last.

Whether you’re feeding two or eight ducks, this feeder is easy to clean and is made from galvanized metal. This prevents rust and will last for many years. The raised edges will prevent food from spilling over or falling through, and the feeder is secured by two curved steel bars. Unlike many other plastic and metal duck feeders, this feeder will not tip over easily. Moreover, its unique design and shape ensure that it will not damage your yard’s landscaping.