Treats For Dogs With Allergies

treats for dogs with allergies

Allergic reactions in dogs can be miserable, but there are plenty of allergy-conscious treats that have earned great reviews from both pet parents and pups alike! These tasty snacks receive rave reviews!

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These treats contain few ingredients that might trigger food allergies or intolerances, and feature beneficial ingredients such as coconut, banana and ginger! Plus they include lots of delicious snackable treats!



Allergies can make eating difficult for our four-legged companions, so hypoallergenic treats are key. By avoiding common allergens like peanut butter, hypoallergenic treats provide your pup with tasty snacks without irritating their sensitive stomachs.

Hypoallergenic treats typically consist of less common proteins that could potentially reduce your dog’s allergic reactions, like sweet potato or pea. To further mitigate allergic reactions, these treats often come paired with carb sources that are uncommonly used in dog food – for instance sweet potato or pea.

These soft training treats for allergy sufferers are low in calories and contain only minimal ingredients; chicken, ground rice, malted barley and vegetable glycerin. Many owners reported their dogs loved these tasty treats without experiencing an allergic reaction – and made by a company which does not utilize any artificial substances!


Though no guarantees can be given regarding which foods or ingredients might cause an allergy in your dog, natural treats can reduce the likelihood of allergic reactions by not including artificial additives and preservatives – making them healthier options.

Most pet allergies are caused by common foods like beef, dairy products, wheat flour, corn meal and chicken; however, more unusual proteins like lamb or salmon may also trigger an adverse reaction in dogs.

Instead of buying treats that may cause an allergic reaction, try your hand at creating allergy-friendly frozen treats at home using natural ingredients like bananas, strawberries and apples pureed with a blender or food processor, then freezing in a cookie sheet or dehydrator tray. Other ideas for homemade allergy-friendly frozen treats may include using meat proteins like turkey or lamb to make homemade jerky; or quercetin supplements can be taken either orally or sublingually to help prevent an allergic response from arising.


Recent years have witnessed an increased popularity of limited ingredient food and treats among pet parents. While the term limited ingredient is unregulated, most products that fall under this label contain only a single source of protein or very few ingredients; this helps eliminate allergenic materials like beef, dairy products, grains and wheat that might otherwise cause adverse reactions in dogs with allergies or sensitivities.

Food allergies and sensitivities in dogs occur when they have been overexposed to certain ingredients, prompting their immune systems to have an immune response such as diarrhea or gas, or skin conditions like itchy patches. This may result in digestive issues or skin issues like itchiness affecting them directly.

These hypoallergenic diet foods for dogs contain proteins and limited carb sources which are more likely to be tolerated by dogs with food allergies or sensitivities, as well as essential nutrients needed for good health. Vets and pet parents alike recommend them as the ideal foods for a hypoallergenic diet – unlike traditional grain-filled products they never contain soy, corn or wheat and don’t include artificial colors, flavors and fillers!

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Many store-bought treats contain artificial flavourings, fillers, byproducts and preservatives that may cause allergic reactions in dogs with food intolerances and sensitivities. Opting for locally made treats will not only keep your pup happy and healthy; but could save money too!

An ideal treat for pets suffering from allergies and intolerances is one that is naturally hypoallergenic. Consult a veterinarian or veterinary nutritionist, who can guide you through a food trial process with very limited diet at first before gradually adding more ingredients over time.

These allergy-friendly training chews are made using locally sourced natural and grain-free ingredients, are low-fat and only contain seven calories per treat. Pup parents report these treats are deliciously satisfying while helping reduce itching, stomach upset and other signs of an allergic reaction. Plus! Rabbit, duck and salmon recipes are also available!