Treats to Give Parakeets

treats to give parakeets

A fruit bowl is a great way to learn which types of fruits your bird prefers. Make sure to remove any fruit that isn’t eaten from the bowl right away so it doesn’t go bad. Your bird may prefer to eat warm fruit, so if your parakeet doesn’t like it cold, give it something warm to eat. It will be a treat for both of you!

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Millet spray

Millet spray is an excellent food for birds. Millet is a natural food that comes on a stem and can be fed to birds of all ages. It is good for weaning birds and is a natural treat. It can be fastened to the bars of the cage or hung from the roof to make a treat easier to get to. Millet spray is also good for bonding and playtime with your bird.

Oat groats

Oat groats are an excellent source of protein for birds. Oat groats also contain extra nutrients. These treats are suitable for parakeets, finches, lovebirds, cockatiels, conures, and parrots. Kaytee Oat Groats Treat is a great treat for your birds! Treat your birds to a new treat every day!


If you want to add a little bit of tropical flavor to your parrot’s diet, peaches can be a good option. Just be sure to buy peaches that are organic and have no added sugar or chemicals. Peaches contain both vitamin C and vitamin A, and they are easy to prepare. If you don’t have any ripe peaches around, raspberries are a good alternative.


Offering apples as treats to parakeets can be an enjoyable way to entertain your pet. You can slice the fruit into small pieces and remove seeds before offering it to your parakeet. You should only provide a small amount of fruit per week. To make things easier, try to place a bowl of fruit near a water dish. You should remember to remove the fruit from the cage at night.


Using pears as treats for parakeets is a great idea! They are a great source of fiber and are high in vitamin C. However, they should be used in moderation and never as the main source of food for parakeets. Pears are also rich in vitamin K and potassium, both of which are essential for regulating blood pressure and fluid in the cells.

Pears are a good source of fiber

Besides the fiber, pears also contain many vitamins and minerals. Pears are a good source of vitamin C, an important antioxidant that protects cells from oxidative damage. These nutrients also help your parakeet regulate fluid levels inside its cells. However, you should remember to prepare pears carefully for feeding to parakeets. Pears should not be served whole; you should slice the fruit into small pieces before feeding to your pet.

Peaches are a good source of vitamin C

Peaches are great for your budgies because they are high in vitamins C and A. They also provide fiber. Remove the pit before serving as it can be toxic. Peaches are also high in vitamin C and contain high amounts of antioxidants. Make sure to wash them thoroughly before serving to your bird. Peaches also have a sticky juice that coats the budgies’ beaks.

Pears are a good source of vitamin A

While pears are excellent for a parakeet’s diet, they are high in pesticides. Because the skin is so delicate, pesticides are very difficult to wash off. Fortunately, there are some safe ways to clean pears without harming your parakeet. To start, wash pears in a solution of water and baking soda.

Pears are a good source of vitamin C

Parakeets can enjoy pears, although they should be fed in moderation. While pears are delicious and highly nutritious, they are high in pesticides, so washing them before feeding them is necessary. The skin is especially sensitive and easily absorbs the pesticides. Your parakeet will likely be sick if the pears are contaminated. To prevent this problem, rinse pears with a solution of water and baking soda.