Tucker’s Dog Food Review

tuckers dog food

Tucker’s was founded with a goal of making raw feeding easy for pet parents. They offer both freeze-dried and frozen complete and balanced raw diets.

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Frozen Tucker’s recipes follow the Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding model and include muscle meat, organs and supplements for an ideal nutritional balance.



Tucker’s employs a proprietary process known as emulsification to produce food that replicates the texture and taste of prey diets, making the food easier for thawing while simultaneously providing a complete and balanced meal that removes any need for supplementation.

Food products from this family-owned company have been sourced from within the US since 2009 and all ingredients undergo high-pressure processing (HPP).

This recipe, composed of pork and beef, meets the AAFCO nutritional levels established for large size dog growth (70lbs or greater as adults) over All Life Stages including organ meat and bone marrow for optimal protein intake and heart health benefits. Plus it’s fortified with taurine which supports heart health!


Vegetables are nutritious foods packed with water- and nutrient-dense foods like vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants that provide your dog with many essential vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. Most vegetables can be fed raw without cooking; grating can make eating veggies easier for your pup as large chunks could pose a choking hazard; mashing is another excellent way to introduce veggies that encourage friendly gut flora growth.

Tucker’s Complete and Balanced Raw Diets for dogs come in frozen patties or morsels, providing maximum absorption via carnivorous diets of 95% muscle meat, bone, organ meats and organs with only 5% pumpkin as the supplement. Each product also comes with vitamin, mineral, probiotics and antioxidants added as fortifiers – making Tucker’s an excellent option for dogs with food sensitivities or allergies to grain-based products.


Tucker’s makes raw feeding simpler for pets and their owners by offering freeze-dried diets in chicken, turkey, beef and lamb varieties. These delicious food choices provide meal, topper or treat options to suit every lifestyle and species preference.

They believe that emulsifying food makes it more digestible, and that its smaller particulate size allows more surface area for absorption of essential nutrients – essential given that most dogs have short digestive tracts.

They add taurine, an amino acid essential for canine heart health. Their products use chelated minerals that are more easily absorbed than un-chelated supplements and all their ingredients are USA sourced and manufactured at their facilities in southern Wisconsin – keeping their carbon footprint as small as possible and supporting local economies wherever possible.


Tucker’s freeze-dried foods are HPP (high-pressure pasteurization) processed, using cold temperatures and pressure to inactivate pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, molds, yeasts and parasites while leaving their texture, taste and nutritional value largely undamaged.

This recipe offers an impressive assortment of meats and antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies. Additionally, this dish boasts above-average protein and fat levels with reduced carb content, including taurine which may be deficient among some dogs.

Raw pet food from Acana comes in different sizes to make storage and thawing convenient, at an attractive price point and is readily available across the United States.


Tucker’s uses a proprietary process of emulsifying frozen raw food to achieve a dense consistency that mimics canned dog food, providing more surface area for dogs to absorb their vitamins as they pass through their digestive systems.

Food comes in individual pouches that are vacuum sealed to preserve freshness and safety, with online ordering or pickup at one of many locations offering it available options.

This comprehensive and balanced diet is made from USA sourced, human grade meats which have been federally inspected and approved. Each ingredient used is of high quality and there is ample muscle meat, organ meats, bones and marrow included as well as taurine to promote heart health as well as vitamins and chelated minerals to make absorption easier.