Turkey Tendons For Dogs

turkey tendons for dogs

If your dog enjoys chewing, he’ll love this all-natural, single ingredient treat. With high protein and low fat content, it provides an excellent source of essential nutrients.

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They contain glucosamine and chondroitin, two natural joint-supporting compounds that keep your pup happy and healthy. Plus, these treats are easy to digest so won’t cause any stomach upset for your pup.


High in Protein

Turkey tendons are an ideal treat for dogs as they’re high in protein and low in calories, helping your pup keep a healthy weight and prevent obesity.

These treats are made with American-sourced turkey tendons that have been slow-roasted for maximum flavor. Furthermore, they do not contain preservatives, antibiotics, or artificial flavors and colors.

One more advantage is that these tendons are hypoallergenic, meaning they’re safe for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Furthermore, they contain high amounts of glucosamine and collagen which aids in joint health.

Tendon chews are a safer and healthier alternative to rawhide chews since they’re easier for your dog to digest. Furthermore, these treats can be better for their teeth since they break up plaque and tartar more readily than rawhide can.

Low in Calories

Turkey tendons make the perfect dog treat; not only are they delicious and nutritious, but they’re also low in fat and calories. So when looking for a tasty yet nutritious treat for your pup, turkey tendons are your ideal option!

Furthermore, these treats are easy to digest and safe for dogs. Plus, they’re grain-free and gluten-free – meaning they’re gentle on sensitive stomachs.

These chewable bones are made from American turkey tendons and don’t contain any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. They make a great alternative to rawhide items because they promote chewing which helps keep your dog’s teeth clean.

These durable treats are hand-braided into strands to make them easier to break apart into small bits that your dog can easily consume. Furthermore, these treats promote dental health by helping reduce plaque and tartar buildup.

Easy to Digest

Turkey tendons are much easier to digest than rawhide chews, making them ideal for dogs with sensitive tummies. Furthermore, turkey tendons contain low calories making them a healthy treat choice for any pup.

These treats provide your furry friend with essential protein for their wellbeing. Additionally, they’re packed full of glucosamine – a supplement which supports joint health and reduces inflammation.

Rawhide, which consists of multiple paper-thin sheets that have been pressed together, cannot be digested by your pet as easily as these tendons consist of single strands which are easier for them to digest.

They’re safe for dogs to eat since they won’t splinter and they contain no fat, meaning that they won’t cause diarrhoea. However, you should always introduce these treats slowly and gradually into your dog’s diet.

Safe for Dogs

Turkey tendons are one of the safest chew treats for dogs. Since they don’t contain nitrates or nitrites and are hypoallergenic, turkey tendons make an ideal choice for pups with sensitive stomachs.

They’re high in protein and low in fat, helping keep your dog healthy. Plus, these treats are made with all-natural ingredients so there are no additives to worry about.

Though tendons can be an excellent option for many dogs, some may not tolerate them as well. These include dogs with allergies or food sensitivities as well as younger pups.

Tendons are a chewy treat that will provide your dog with hours of entertainment and mental stimulation. Chewing helps release natural endorphins, which may help relax them and reduce stress levels.

They’re easy to digest, making them a safer alternative to rawhide chews. However, you should still watch your dog while they consume the chews in order to ensure that no large chunks splinter and cause serious complications like choking or obstructed bowels.