Valu Pak Dog Food Review

Valu Pak dog food is an exceptional, high-quality pet food designed to offer balanced nutrition to canines of all sizes. Its ingredients include chicken meal as a source of protein and brown rice as a complex carb source that supports energy needs. Furthermore, oatmeal and dried beet pulp provide extra dietary fiber support and nutrient benefits.

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Valu Pak dog food from Specialty Feeds is an economical, quality choice that’s available at an affordable price point. Unfortunately, they use by-products and lower quality ingredients like Rice Bran as by-products while not providing any glucosamine or chondroitin supplements in their foods – though their labeling clearly identifies which recipes have what percentage of proteins and fat on the front cover of each package – something few other pet food providers do! Nonetheless, Valu Pak stands out with clear labeling that clearly labels every recipe’s proportions on front cover, making for clear packaging of their foods at least.

Value pack dog foods contain high levels of proteins and grains, such as chicken meal and brown rice which provide essential amino acids. Furthermore, dried beet pulp serves as an excellent source of dietary fiber. Furthermore, value pack foods use natural preservatives instead of artificial flavors or colors which makes them popular choices among breeders and kennels alike.

Nutritional value

Valu Pak provides an assortment of formulas designed to meet the needs of dogs across different age and activity levels, made with quality ingredients and featuring sufficient amounts of protein to maintain optimal weight and energy levels. In addition, these recipes contain chelated minerals for improved absorption – essential components in maintaining the health and welfare of each pup!

ValuPak food is relatively low in carbohydrates, which may be a benefit for some dogs; however, other dogs require higher levels of energy-boosting carbohydrates such as rice bran or cereal food fines in their free range diets to stay active and energetic. ValuPak offers this choice through their standard range and free range products respectively.

Specialty Feeds has been in business for more than 50 years and provides products with clear labels showing protein and fat amounts for easy identification of what food would best suit your pet’s dietary needs. Another bonus of their brand is clearly labeled labels showing what the amounts are on each label – making it easier to select an optimal food option for your pup!


Valu Pak pet food is an affordable solution for pet owners searching for quality nutrition at an accessible price point. Made with chicken meal, brown rice, oatmeal and dried beet pulp to provide protein and essential minerals. With natural preservatives to maintain freshness. Available at many stores across southern and eastern United States with an easy find-a-store tool helping find potential stores nearby.

Valu Pak dog food stands out by clearly labeling its proteins, fats, and carbohydrate levels on the front of its package, making it easy for pet parents to select an appropriate recipe depending on your canine’s activity level or nutritional needs. With 24% protein content making muscles recover more quickly while providing essential muscle maintenance benefits – Valu Pak dog food makes choosing an optimal recipe easier!


Valu Pak provides high quality food at an economical price point, manufactured by Specialty Foods and not subject to recalls in the past. However, some recipes utilize by-products and bone meal that may not provide as many essential vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, some varieties contain higher concentrations of corn or wheat than usual – nevertheless this remains a great choice for many dogs.

Valu-Pak pet food can be found at hundreds of pet stores throughout the Southern and Eastern United States, and its website also features a “Find A Store” tool to search for potential locations near you. Furthermore, Valu-Pak offers a 100% money-back guarantee should any food not meet with your approval.

Note that any new food for your pet needs time to adjust and get used to their system; this process could take up to ten days depending on factors like their environment, lifestyle and overall health status.