Vibrant Life Dog Food Review

Vibrant Life offers an impressive range of expertly crafted pet products designed to ensure their wellness and happiness, from food to shampoos. Choose the ideal products from their vast selection.

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Vibrant Life offers consumers an easy way to understand what they are getting for their money; however, one issue they have is using large quantities of carbohydrates in their formula.


Nutritional Information

If you want a brand of dog food that will ensure the wellbeing of your pet, Vibrant Life could be an excellent choice. Offering protein-packed formulas to keep them energized throughout their day and containing healthy fats to support overall wellbeing is what this brand stands for.

Vibrant Life offers transparent nutrition information on each product and formula they sell – something not available with other brands – which should be taken into consideration when choosing dog food for your furry companion.

Vibrant Life Dog Food contains wild caught salmon and pollock which contain more omega-3 fatty acids than farm-raised varieties, essential to their overall health and helping them cope with stress. Furthermore, vibrant life dog food contains natural sources of omega-6 fatty acids such as sunflower and safflower oil for inflammation reduction in your pet’s body.


Vibrant Life offers an affordable option to many pet owners. Their food contains high-quality ingredients and offers adequate nutritional content to keep their dogs healthy and energetic. Plus, there are clear feeding instructions based on your pup’s size and age!

Vibrant Life’s beauty lies in not requiring a vet’s prescription; Avila found her Great Dane Benny enjoying its taste while it helped reduce his skin allergies. Avila fed him three scoops of the dry food mixed with half a can of their wet food every other day for best results.

The company offers an expansive selection of products designed to assist your pets in leading healthier lives, from food and treats to toys and grooming supplies – there’s sure to be something perfect for each furry member of your household!


Although not designed for dogs with severe allergies, this food may help soothe mild symptoms like skin issues. An allergy occurs when an immune response recognizes certain ingredients as harmful; this triggers itchy and inflamed skin conditions as well as wheezing and other chronic disorders in animals.

Vibrant Life dog food is composed of healthy ingredients and free from additives like sulfates, SLS and parabens, while it also does not contain phthalates, propylene glycol or synthetic fragrances – plus any artificial colors and dyes!

Walmart produces this store brand of pet foods and products which offer an assortment of pet foods and treats, accessories and equipment, such as recycled material pet beds and on-trend tie dye pet clothing, at very competitive pricing compared with premium brands – making this new line an attractive option for pet parents looking to maintain healthy animals without breaking their budgets.


Bright Life Dog Food may only be relatively new, yet it has already received many favorable reviews. The brand stands out for being transparent with nutritional facts for each formula it produces; and also by leaving out harmful or unnecessary fillers from all its products.

This brand provides healthy amounts of protein and fat in its formulas, which should be considered when selecting food for your pet as too much protein can lead to kidney problems while too much fat may cause pancreatitis.

Additionally, this company provides an array of flavors and formulas, making it easier for pet owners to select products suitable for their animals. For example, one recipe offers chicken oatmeal egg recipe specifically targeted towards smaller breeds of dog breeds; you can purchase this food at Walmart. A fantastic choice if you are searching for healthy but delectable food options for your furry companion!