Victor Hi Pro Plus Dry Dog Food Review

victor hi pro plus dry dog food

Unlike other dog food products, Victor Hi Pro Plus Dry Dog Food is formulated with an advanced nutrition profile that provides your dog with sustained energy and optimal health. The nutrient-dense multi-protein formula supports the nutritional needs of your dog, especially pregnant and lactating females, as well as those of high-performing and growing puppies. The nutrient-complete formula promotes a healthy immune and digestive system.

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High levels of quality protein

Among the hundreds of dog foods on the market, Victor Hi Pro Plus dry dog food stands out as the best of the bunch. It is touted as the best dog food for dogs with high activity levels and is a great choice for dogs who have sensitivities to meat proteins. It comes with some impressive ingredients like the vitamin enriched lamb meal and a whopping 60% dry matter content.

There are a ton of other perks that make this dog food a cut above the competition. The best part is that it is backed by a company that offers a money back guarantee if your dog doesn’t like it. For starters, you get a refund for the unopened bag. You can also return the unused portions to your local retailer and they will replace them with a fresh one. You also get a free sample of their newest product, VICTOR IQ, a canned dog food for dogs with a taste for food and a fancy schmancy IQ test.

25 synthetic additives

Despite the fact that Victor hi pro plus dry dog food contains high quality protein, it also contains 25 synthetic additives. These additives are linked to cancer, and they are not good for your pet. Thankfully, there are natural alternatives that can be used to preserve food.

These include vegetable-based proteins, which are beneficial. They are also easier for your dog to digest. The downside is that they contain less usable proteins than meats. But, they are also a good source of various nutrients. They can also be beneficial when combined with other natural meat sources.

The second top ingredient in Victor hi pro plus dry dog food is grain sorghum. This grain is gluten free, which means that it is safe for your dog. It is also a good source of dietary fiber, iron, and zinc.

The other major ingredient in Victor hi pro plus dry dog food consists of chicken meal. Chicken meal is generally a healthy ingredient. It is a good source of protein and fat.

Nutritional value

Whether your dog is a pup or an adult, VICTOR Hi Pro Plus dry dog food is a nutrient-rich, multi-protein formula that provides sustained energy and immune system support for all life stages. The formula’s ingredients include protein, vitamins, and essential fatty acids. The formula’s 6.5:1 protein to fat ratio provides a balance of essential amino acids.

VICTOR’s classic product line includes five dry dog foods. These include VICTOR Classic Hi Pro Plus, VICTOR Classic, VICTOR Purpose, VICTOR Select, and VICTOR Select Grain Free. All of these foods are produced in Mount Pleasant, Texas, using locally-sourced ingredients.

VICTOR’s classic recipes contain a mix of meat meal and grains. These proteins are more digestible than artificial proteins, and provide a “full” feeling for your dog. But they’re not as high in protein as a protein-rich food like Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition. Despite that, VICTOR is popular with dogs who love its protein-rich recipes.

Body condition

Whether your dog is an active athlete, an active puppy, a high-performance sport dog or a high-performance pregnant female, Victor Hi-Pro Plus is designed to support your dog’s nutritional needs. This nutrient-dense formula is packed with high-quality proteins that promote sustained energy and healthy immune and digestive systems.

Designed for the needs of high-energy dogs, this formula features a mix of meat and vegetables, providing plenty of calories and protein. It also contains added nutrients that support your dog’s natural defenses and help maintain a healthy coat.

The Hi-Pro Plus formula is made with a wide variety of meats, including beef, chicken, pork, and fish. It also includes a variety of ingredients to support healthy digestion and immune systems. Your dog will also receive amino acids and vitamins.

The Hi-Pro Plus formula is a great choice for most dogs. It includes a wide range of meats, and is suitable for all stages of your dog’s life.