Walmart Wild Bird Seed Economy Mix

walmart wild bird seed economy mix

Whether you’re planning a backyard bird garden or you’re interested in raising a few exotic varieties of birds, you’ll find that Walmart wild bird seed economy mix can help you create a beautiful, natural landscape that your birds will love. This mix includes black oil sunflower seeds, cracked corn, millet, and nyjer.

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Black oil sunflower seeds

Choosing the right bird seed is very important to attracting a variety of different birds to your backyard. Birds that like to eat sunflower seeds include purple finches, cardinals, American goldfinches, dark-eyed juncos, eastern towhees and brown-headed nuthatches.

If you’re looking for a mix that attracts the most birds, you should choose one that has a high percentage of black oil sunflower seeds. This type of seed provides warmth and energy for birds. It is especially beneficial in cold climates.

Other types of sunflower seeds include shelled sunflower seed and white proso millet seed. The shelled type is round and attracts a variety of birds. The white proso millet seed is shiny and attracts sparrows, mourning doves and dark-eyed juncos.

Many of the cheaper commercial bird seed mixes are filled with milo. Milo is reddish brown and makes up a significant percentage of the mix. Milo isn’t as attractive to most backyard birds, however. The reddish brown sorghum seeds are attractive to birds, but they are prone to mold and bacteria.

Cracked corn

Having a birdseed economy mix is a great way to attract more wild birds to your property. The best part is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to do it. Walmart sells a wide variety of wild bird seed, including black oil sunflower seed, which is a great source of food for birds and other wildlife. Black oil sunflower seed is also expensive, so you may want to look for a mix with a higher percentage of this type of seed.

Cracked corn is also a good source of nutrients for backyard wildlife. It’s also an easy way to attract the birds that like to eat peanuts. The cheapest way to get this is to buy a box of wild bird food from Walmart. The cost is less than $1 per pound, so it’s not hard to buy a 3.5-pound bag for less than $3. Walmart also sells “Waste Free” bird seed, which contains more than 50 percent shelled sunflower seed. This mix also contains some dried nuts and canary grass.


Buying Nyjer wild bird seed economy mix walmart is an inexpensive way to keep your feathered friends happy and healthy. While Nyjer is not the only bird seed on the market, it is one of the most popular. Its small size and high fat content make it perfect for feeders with a small opening. If you choose to purchase this seed, it is best to keep it in a metal mesh feeder.

The best way to buy Nyjer wild bird seed economy mix walmart is to shop around. You may want to get a few different varieties to compare the quality. You can also consider buying in bulk to save money. However, you should only purchase enough birdseed to meet your needs for the day. This is especially true if you will be feeding a large number of birds. The more seed you purchase, the more expensive it will be. The cost ranges from $2 to $250 depending on how much you buy.


Whether you want to attract a variety of birds or simply keep your bird feeders occupied, you should know what kinds of seeds and seed mixes are most popular with birds. In this article, we’ll explore the top bird seed choices, based on a survey of fifteen different bird species.

The most popular seed for backyard birds is white proso millet. It’s a small round seed that’s popular with many different species. It’s best offered in a hopper or tray feeder.

Another bird seed that’s popular with many species is black oil sunflower seed. Finches, house finches, and white-crowned sparrows like it. It’s also a good bird food for smaller finches, such as nuthatches.

Another bird seed popular with finches is niger seed. It’s also sold as “thistle.” It’s a popular choice among small finches and finch-like birds.

If you want to attract more birds, look for a birdseed mix that contains a high amount of black oil sunflower seed. A mix with less filler seed also tends to attract more birds.