Waterproof Duck Feeders For Your Backyard Poultry

waterproof duck feeder

A waterproof duck feeder can be very beneficial for your backyard poultry, particularly if you live in an area with poor drainage. You should also consider installing a comfort rail to give your ducks a comfortable place to feed. Make sure that the comfort rail is smooth and does not have any sharp edges. Also, consider placing your duck feeder on a deck or patio so that it will be protected from rain and wind.

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Little Giant

The Little Giant waterproof duck feeder is a great way to attract your birds, and it can feed up to eight ducks at a time. This unit is made from galvanized steel, which means it won’t rust. This feeder is easy to install, and it also comes with spare parts. The water-resistant design keeps your birds out of the water, which makes it ideal for outdoor use. You can fill it up and it will keep providing food to your birds all day. The design is also simple so that you won’t have to stress out over refilling it. The feeder also has a special chute to make it easy for your ducks to find their food.

Another great feeder from Little Giant is their 35-pound Poultry Dome Feeder. This feeder is perfect for large flocks of baby ducks or chicks. The sturdy construction and anti-scratch vanes minimize feed waste and crowding. The Feed Saver Ring allows you to easily clean the feeder, which helps you save money on wasted food.


One of the best ways to keep ducks healthy and happy is with a waterproof duck feeder. There are many options available. This unique design features eight feeding holes so multiple ducks can feed at the same time. The only disadvantage of this feeder is that it is not as well protected as other types of feeders.

A duck feeder can be a relatively small piece of equipment that has been designed to be portable and durable. Some models are even waterproof, which makes them a great option if you need a small feeder for your flock. However, some products have additional features that can increase their weight and size. You may have to sacrifice weight and portability for these features.

Royal Rooster

This Royal Rooster waterproof duck feeder offers a range of features for your waterfowl’s feeding. Its innovative design reduces waste and can be placed inside or outside the duck’s enclosure. It is suitable for all types of feed, including pellets, and includes a rain cover.

Made of BPA-free, 100% Food Grade Plastic, this duck feeder comes fully assembled. It holds 20 pounds of food, and you can fill it once every 30 days for two ducks, once every two weeks for four ducks, and once a week for eight ducks. It also has a strong, sturdy lid that will prevent spills and spillages.

Harris Farms

The Harris Farms waterproof duck feeder is a popular option for backyard ducks. The design features an automatic cup waterer that refills without the need to remove tabs. It is also easy to clean and comes with a rain hood. It holds up to two gallons of water and up to ten pounds of food. However, some users have reported problems with water leakage.

A large water-resistant bowl means less food wasted. The design also means that it’s easy to clean and refill. The galvanized steel construction makes it sturdy and durable. The feeder is also ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

Harris Farms Free Range Plastic Hanging Poultry Feeder

This plastic hanging bird feeder is made of durable, long-lasting plastic that makes it ideal for your backyard flock. It features a wide opening top for easy filling, quick cleaning, and minimal waste. The feeder is also made with a twist-lock base that prevents feed from scratching out.

Little Giant Baby Chick Feeder

This waterproof duck feeder from Little Giant is ideal for ducks. It has eight feeding holes, which means multiple chicks can feed at the same time. However, it is not as well protected as other designs. One downside is that the food may fall out of the feeder when it overflows.

This waterproof feeder from Little Giant is 10 inches high, so it’s high enough to prevent scratches. The stainless steel construction prevents corroding, and it is also made of galvanized steel. It’s also durable enough to withstand extended use and is water-resistant. It’s easy to install and features an attractive cylindrical silhouette with a hood. It can be mounted on a wall or on a chicken mesh.