What Chicken Feed is High in Protein?

Chickens need high levels of protein to support their rapid development and produce feathers and eggs. But too much protein food could actually be harmful.

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Cooked eggs are an excellent source of protein (and an indulgence), along with other meats like organ meats and poultry scraps. Cottage cheese also offers protein, B vitamins, and calcium benefits – great treats!


Purina Complete Layer Hen Feed

Purina Complete Layer Hen Feed is a high-quality feed designed to give chickens everything they need for egg production, plus an abundance of omega-3 fatty acids to promote health in their birds. Available both as crumble and pellet form.

This feed is composed of ground corn, soybean meal and wheat bran for optimal egg production and contains diatomaceous earth and marigold extract to increase vibrant yolk color in eggs produced. Furthermore, prebiotics and probiotics have also been added for optimal health of your flock.

This organic and non-GMO feed is an excellent choice for backyard chickens. It features grains and legumes along with kelp meal and fish meal for strengthing eggshells, oyster shells and marigold extract to strengthen eggshells further and vitamin D and manganese which are vital elements in their health and productivity. Furthermore, this feed is low sodium while still remaining without animal byproducts or fillers.

Nutro Organic Chicken Feed

Nutro organic chicken feed is produced without using growth hormones, antibiotics or genetically modified ingredients – instead it features organic ingredients like wheat, oats, peas and barley that provide protein, fiber and trace nutrients for its flock of chickens. Furthermore, Nutro provides peanut meal, sorghum grain brewer’s yeast plus fish meal to provide additional omega-3 fatty acid boost.

Although not a replacement for fresh, high-protein food sources, pelleted feed can help supplement your flock’s diet if you do not have time to grow or make your own foods. Molting hens also benefit greatly as this form of feed offers additional protein than traditional layer feed.

Cooked eggs provide another good source of protein for chickens. Offering this treat as an extra treat or during molting season is ideal. Scramble the eggs before giving as treats in order to discourage egg eating! Cottage cheese contains additional proteins as well as vitamins like riboflavin (vitamin B2) and calcium along with other vitamins and minerals that contribute to good health in chickens.

Nutro All Natural Chicken Feed

Nutro All Natural Chicken Feed is an excellent choice for molting chickens as it contains high levels of protein. Oats help calm flocks, while barley provides vitamins and minerals. You can mix it into their daily feed or supplement during molting season as needed.

Cooked eggs are another way to increase protein in chicken feed, providing essential vitamins and minerals like B12, riboflavin and selenium for their overall wellbeing. Crushed egg shells can also provide calcium. Pumpkin seeds (23% protein content), garden peas (24%), oats (15%) as well as rancid nuts that smell too strongly for people (which contain 26% protein content) are popular protein sources and waste reduction is key when feeding this way – not only do you gain extra protein but they’ll keep waste out of landfills too.

Nutro Natural Chicken Feed

Protein in chicken feed is essential to their development and maintenance of strong bodies in your flock, helping them make eggs, cook feathers, lay eggs and build muscles.

Different chicken breeds need different levels of protein at different stages in their lives to support their development and ensure optimal growth. Chick feed (starter feed) tends to contain around 24% protein content whereas regular layer feed typically only provides 16%.

Feed your chickens food waste scraps such as vegetable peels, ripe fruit and plant material as food waste scraps to increase protein intake in their feed. Rancid nuts that are too stinky for human consumption as well as garden peas high in protein can all be given as treats to them as part of this sustainable solution that keeps worms out of landfills while recycling them! This sustainable option also keeps food out of the environment!