What Do Pet Ducks Eat?

What do pet ducks eat? They can be fed a variety of different foods, such as commercially-produced bird feed. You can also add leafy greens and grass clippings to their daily diet. However, they should avoid spinach and citrus fruit, which disrupt their ability to absorb calcium. Both foods can result in thin-shelled eggs. You can purchase commercial duck food at a local feed store.

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Bird feed

One of the most common questions posed by duck owners is, “What do pet ducks eat?” The answer is varied. Ducks can eat just about any type of seed, including those in the human pantry. Just make sure that you keep them in small chunks, as a single piece of duck food can easily cause cannibalism. Ducks also enjoy worms, so they are safe to give your duck if you mix it with the seeds they eat. You can also mix in mealworms, as mealworms are high in protein and vitamins. However, they should be mixed with seeds or vegetables.

Grass clippings

While you probably think it’s awful for ducks to eat grass clippings, ducks actually enjoy it. They will nibble on the tip of the grass blade and eat tiny pieces of it at a time. If you feed them a large pile of lawn clippings, they will eat much longer pieces. In addition, ham and iceberg lettuce are not good for ducks because they contain too much salt. Other common food items are hay and bread, which are not healthy for the birds and should only be fed in small amounts.

Leafy greens

Your pet duck will enjoy eating a variety of leafy greens, especially if you chop them up small. You can feed your ducks as much lettuce as you want, so try experimenting with different types. Try cutting the lettuce leaves smaller if your duckling is young. However, stick to lettuce varieties with high nutritional value. Leafy greens like romaine lettuce are particularly good sources of vitamin K, which is important for blood clotting and bone health. Vitamin C is a great boost for the immune system.


What do pet ducks eat? Unlike chickens and cats, ducks have very little sense of smell, which means you don’t need to feed them special food items. They also need plenty of fresh water, as drinking fresh water makes digesting food much easier. However, ducks are messy eaters, and their drinking water is bound to be dirty as well. Therefore, prepare to provide fresh water regularly.

Bread chips

Some people may wonder if bread is good for ducks. After all, bread contains few nutritional values and is considered to be a poor food by experts. Also, bread can become stuck in ducks’ throats and teeth, causing deformities in their wings. Not to mention the potential danger of mould. If you feed your pet ducks bread, be sure to wash it thoroughly before reusing it for another meal.

Citrus fruits

Most ducks love citrus fruits, but there are some important things you should know about giving your pet a taste of the real thing. Citrus can be extremely acidic, and a duck’s digestive system is delicate. Citrus will only harm your duck if it is consumed in excessive quantities. Chocolate is also harmful to ducks, and it can cause vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, and even death. Additionally, dried beans are toxic for ducks.


If you want to feed your pet ducks mangoes, make sure they’re unripe and that the skin isn’t sprayed with pesticides. The skin is thick and can cause choking, so you should peel the fruit before serving it to your ducks. Ducks also love the fruit’s seeds, which can be easily cut and fed to them. Depending on how ripe the mango is, unripe seeds are easy to cut and taste nice, but ripe ones can be a bit bitter.