What Do You Feed Jumping Spiders?

If you are looking for a great way to keep your jumping spider happy, there are a few different things you can feed them. These foods can include Mealworms, Crickets, Roaches, and even Wax worms. You can also provide your jumping spider with the pupae of different kinds of flies.

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Mealworms are a great addition to the diet of jumping spiders. They are inexpensive and easy to keep alive. However, mealworms are not recommended for every meal since they can change into beetles, which are harmful to spiders. Wax worms are another great option, but be sure to keep them out of the reach of your jumping spider until they pupate.

Mealworms can be expensive, but they can also be sustainable. You can get a variety of sizes at your local pet store. Jumping spiders can only eat one mealworm at a time, so always make sure that you have some left over. Crickets are also good feeders and provide a substantial amount of protein and nutrients.


Jumping spiders can eat different types of insects, including crickets. Crickets are a good choice for feeding them because they are small and contain a substantial amount of protein and nutrients. However, you should avoid feeding them large beetles. They can be dangerous to the spiders.

Crickets are small insects found in many environments. You can feed them to both adult and baby jumping spiders. Make sure that the crickets you give are not too big because this can make the spiders become aggressive. However, if your spiders are older, crickets are not as active as crickets and should not be given to smaller spiders.

Although jumping spiders will eat almost any insect, they prefer to eat insects that are smaller than themselves. Crickets, flies, and ants are suitable insects to feed your pet. They are easily available and easy to purchase. And because they live so long, you can purchase them in bulk if you want to feed them more than once.


If you want to feed your jumping spiders, mealworms are a good option. These are easily digestible and will provide your new pet with a wide variety of nutrients. You can also feed them waxworms or moths that have hatched. These are a great source of protein and fat, and jumping spiders will also readily take in pupa. Crickets are also an excellent source of nutrition for jumping spiders.

If you do not have any insects at home, you can easily get crickets, flies, or other feeder insects. These are readily available at pet stores and online pet stores. You can also buy them for very cheap at fishing stores. Remember to choose plastic tubes without holes to prevent escape of the insects.

Wax worms

Wax worms are an excellent food for jumping spiders, but you should not feed your spider wax worms for every meal. This is because waxworms contain a lot of fat, which is not good for jumpers. However, waxworms are easily available during winter, and you don’t have to worry about caring for them. These creatures can be purchased in small, round tubs with a substrate.

The best food for jumping spiders is wax worms, and you can also add mealworms. These can be either fresh or frozen, and they are also easily digested by the spiders. Aside from mealworms, jumping spiders will also happily eat waxworms, moths, and pupa. You can also feed your spiders mealworms, but you should be careful with mealworms, because they will turn into beetles if you don’t feed them frequently. If you feed them mealworms, be sure to remove the eggs as they will grow into beetles, and beetles are not good for spiders. If you have a terrarium with several different types of spiders, you can also try feeding your jumping spiders dubia roaches, which


When you get a jumping spider, you should be aware of the type of food it likes. Jumping spiders can eat a variety of different insects. They can catch as many as 1.5 times their own body weight. These spiders are active during the day and hunt on sight. Besides providing food, you should also provide bright lighting in your terrarium and enough heat. Moreover, it is important to choose the correct size of your terrarium.

Since jumping spiders are diurnal creatures, they need food during the day. Food that is left undigested overnight could cause health problems to your spider. Fly larvae are an excellent food for jumping spiders. These can be purchased at fishing stores or pet shops.