What Do You Feed Newly Hatched Ducklings?

what do you feed newly hatched ducklings

When it comes to the diet of newly hatched ducklings, there are several different kinds of food to consider. You can either feed them commercial feed or grit. If you’re unsure about which food is best for your ducklings, consider giving them a mixture of some of these food types.

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When feeding your ducklings, grit is an essential part of their diet. Ducks are unable to chew their food, so grit is a valuable part of their diet. Grit is the coarse particles in feed, and it is especially important for new ducklings, who are not yet able to forage on their own. Although it is not necessary to use grit for the first three weeks of your ducklings’ lives, you may choose to incorporate it in their diets for optimum health and growth.

Commercial feed

Commercial feed for newly hatched duckling can be purchased in several different forms. Depending on the breed, it can range from a low energy chicken feed to a high energy nutrient-rich mix. The first step to raising your own flock of ducks is to find the right feed for your ducklings. In general, you should begin feeding your ducks approximately one month before they lay their first egg.


Blueberries are an excellent addition to the diet of newly hatched ducklings. They are low in calories and are rich in antioxidants. They also taste great and go well in smoothies. Blueberries also have numerous other health benefits. Their high levels of vitamin C will help your birds stay healthy and may improve the quality of their eggs.


Ducks need a substantial amount of protein in their diets. This helps them build healthy feathers and muscles. Oats are an excellent source of protein. However, many duck owners are unsure of which type of oats are best for their ducks.


If you want to feed your newly hatched ducklings some nutritious treats, you can try grapes. These small, delicious fruit are packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Ducks need adequate amounts of calcium and iron, and this fruit has just what they need to thrive. But there are some things you should know before giving your little ducks grapes.


Newly hatched ducklings can be given a variety of vegetables and fruits. They love dandelion greens and Swiss chard. Other vegetables that ducks love include corn, peas, and squash. You can also feed them oatmeal or moistened oatmeal.

mashed duck egg yolk

Ducklings cannot eat for 24 hours after hatching because they are still absorbing all of the nutrients from the yolk. This is the ideal time to give them starter crumbs (tiny duck food pellets), which are readily available at feed supply stores or online.

Scratch is not a balanced diet for a growing youngster or laying duckling

A growing youngster or laying duckling needs a balanced diet – not scratch! Scratch, which is made from cracked and whole grain, contains only nine percent protein, which is not sufficient for growth. It is best fed only as a treat, and should not constitute more than 10% of the diet. In addition, scratch does not contain all the nutrients a growing duck needs to thrive and lay eggs, and is not a balanced diet for a youngster or laying duckling.

Watering in a waterer

Watering newly hatched ducklings properly is essential for a healthy duck flock. The waterer should be positioned away from the house and on a wire-mesh screen to keep out dirt and debris. Indoor waterers should also have a drain beneath them to prevent flooding. Indoor waterers should provide an inch of water per linear foot of breeding ducks, and two inches per 100 nipples.