What Food Does a Hermit crab Eat?

what food does a hermit crab eat

What food does a hermit crab eat? Hermit crabs love any type of fresh food, so you can even give them food right out of your refrigerator! Just be sure to wash your food well before feeding it to your pet, as fresh foods can contain chemicals and pesticides. They will also enjoy a snack of tomatoes every once in a while! You can also give them a snack of tortoise feces as a treat.

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Hermit crabs can eat a variety of natural foods, including fruits and vegetables. They also enjoy popcorn and scrambled eggs. If you want to feed your pet a variety of foods, try incorporating different kinds of treats. Hermit crabs are generally not picky eaters, so you can feed them almost anything you want. If you want to try something new, try scrambled eggs, or even popcorn.


Hermit crabs love fresh fruit, particularly citrus fruit. The older the fruit is, the better for the crab, because the sugars and terpenoids in the peels change. Citrus fruits should be allowed to wrinkle naturally, as they contain limonene, an insect repellent that crabs find delicious. In addition, the fruit peels are not toxic to the crab, because their odor and saline water vapor are unpleasant to crabs.

Whole grains

Hermit crabs are omnivores and eat a variety of natural foods. These crabs do not like to be fussy about their diets and will try anything that catches their interest. They also don’t mind trying foods that we wouldn’t eat ourselves, like scrambled eggs and popcorn. But there are certain foods they shouldn’t be offered. Here are the three foods you should never give to your hermit crab.

Tortoise feces

If you have a pet tortoise, you may wonder whether or not you should be worried about poop. A tortoise usually produces three types of waste: feces, urine, and urates. Fecal matter is usually green or brown and differs in shade according to what the tortoise is eating. Tortoises also pass urine and urates, which are liquid waste products produced by the bladder and contain toxins that have been filtered out of the bloodstream.


Hermit crabs love the taste of Turkey. All parts of a turkey can be eaten by crabs. The giblet bag and bones are also acceptable. The crabs also enjoy any kind of potato or vegetable. You should cook dark leafy greens to remove oxalic acid. Crumbled bird eggshells are also good for the crabs. Try to avoid table salt. But don’t go too far – this food is good for them!


If you’ve ever wondered what your hermit crab eats, you’ve come to the right place. You can buy quality commercial crab food at pet stores. There are different types of food to choose from, including pellets, flakes, and gel. You should be wary of ingredients like ethoxyquin and copper sulfate. Try to include different kinds of fruits and vegetables in its diet, since they provide vital nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Be sure to clean off fruits and vegetables thoroughly to remove any pesticides and herbicides before you give it to your hermit crab. Also, try providing a balanced diet by feeding your hermit crab wood.


Did you know that your Hermit crab eats lobster? If not, it is high time you learnt more about these crustaceans. These animals are part of the Decapoda family, which includes lobsters, sea crayfish, slipper and shovel lobsters. Both species are bottom-dwelling, omnivorous animals that feed on various types of animals, plants and bacteria. Their diet also includes small crabs and sea urchins.


The food a hermit crab eats is not the same as that of a human. They prefer wood in solid form that will not harm them if they ingest it. Besides wood shavings, other materials that a hermit crab can eat are sand and soil. Wood chips, meanwhile, can get stuck inside the crab’s body and dry out its gills.