What Ingredients Make Up Good Gastrointestinal Dog Food?

gastrointestinal dog food

Your dog’s digestive system plays a pivotal role in their overall wellbeing, so when it isn’t functioning optimally it could result in serious complications.

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Studies conducted recently demonstrated that dogs who primarily consumed processed kibble diets as puppies are more likely to have digestive issues as adults than those fed an unprocessed, meat-based diet.


Brewers Rice

Brewer’s Rice is a by-product of processing that contains fragmented grains of milled rice that have been separated out. While commonly found in low-grade dog food products, some companies like Purina and Royal Canin include it in certain formulas as fillers.

Although fragments of brewer’s rice may provide less nutritional value than whole grains, they’re still easily digestible and beneficial to include in a dog’s diet. Plus, their fiber content helps promote digestive health!

Brewers rice is also used in some veterinary formulas because it contains taurine, which is an amino acid essential to canines’ health, helping prevent muscle damage and maintaining normal cell functions.

Royal Canin Hydrolyzed Protein dry formulas contain more than just brewers rice: many also include soy protein and oat fiber for extra fiber-rich nourishment, making these dry foods especially helpful to dogs with digestive issues. Oat fiber provides soluble fiber to increase stool bulk and improve digestive health – an especially essential benefit in an animal with digestive problems.

Chicken By-Product Meal

Chicken by-product meal (also referred to as poultry by-product meal) is an economical, simple-to-produce ingredient found in many brands of dog food. It’s created using leftover pieces from slaughtered chickens which have undergone an extended dry rendering process in order to produce powder concentrate for creating kibble.

Athena contains everything except chicken meat, such as necks, feet, intestines and undeveloped eggs (without feathers). Although cheaper than whole chicken meat, athena lacks many of the nutritional advantages offered by whole poultry meat.

Brown Rice

Brown rice is an easily digestible whole grain food for dogs that contains B vitamins, minerals and other vital nutrients that may help overweight pets shed pounds. Plus it’s low-fat so it may even help them manage weight better!

Foods high in thiamine, vitamin B6 riboflavin phosphorus selenium manganese and iron provide essential nutrition that supports nervous system health, bone wellness and muscle growth.

Be mindful to add only small quantities of brown rice to their diet; too much might cause discomfort to their sensitive stomachs.

Small and larger dogs alike can safely consume cooked brown rice served plain in water, however prior to giving any grain products as treats to your pup it is always wise to consult your veterinarian first.

Chicken Fat

Chicken fat provides your dog with essential fatty acids to boost energy and promote overall wellbeing. These essential fats help give your furry pal a jolt of vitality!

Chicken also provides your pet with essential polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are vital to their overall wellbeing. In particular, the polyunsaturates found in poultry may be more species appropriate than canola oil (which often comes from GMO plants).

Selecting an appropriate fat for your dog’s specific needs is of utmost importance, which is why consulting a veterinarian prior to adding fats into his/her diet is advised.