What is a Good Duck Food?

what is a good duck food

Rice provides energy to your duck, but it is low in nutritional value. If you feed rice to your duck in large amounts, he may end up lacking in certain nutrients. Use plain rice. Uncooked rice may cause a sore stomach in your duck, but it is safe in small amounts. Similarly, ducks can eat dried carrots, corn, and peas. So, what is a good duck food?

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Oyster shells

Oyster shells can be an excellent supplement for your duck’s diet. While oyster shells are not required for a healthy diet for laying ducks, they may be necessary for birds that don’t produce thick-shelled eggs or pitted eggs. Oyster shells also contain calcium, which is beneficial to laying chickens’ skeletons. These eggs are a major source of calcium for your flock, so they can’t go without it. The calcium in oyster shells will be broken down into the blood stream of your duck and enter the body.

Fresh corn

Ducks love corn. They eat it as a treat, and you should give them as little as 25% of their diet. Although corn is healthy for ducks, if you feed it in large quantities, it can raise the sugar levels in their bodies and cause them health problems. Still, providing ducks with corn can be a cheap and healthy way to provide protein and vitamins. And it can also be found in almost everything.

Fresh peas

One good treat for your ducks is fresh peas. These are a great source of fiber and antioxidants. They are also safe to feed your ducks. Ideally, they should be given peas in moderation, as they can be quite fibrous. Fresh peas can be given to your ducklings when they are four weeks old. But, make sure to wash them well and cook them thoroughly before feeding them.

Dried carrots

Dried carrots are a great food source for your pet ducks. They are loaded with beta-carotene, which helps produce the brilliant orange yolk of a duck’s egg. Ducks also love vegetable peelings, and carrots are packed with vitamin A, which improves growth, egg hatchability, and immunity to disease. Listed below are the top benefits of dried carrots for ducks.


Seeds are a great way to provide a balanced diet for your duck. Seeds are rich in vitamins and minerals, and ducks are naturally fond of sunflower seeds. Pumpkin seeds are also great choices for ducks. Pumpkin seeds are also beneficial for poultry and have been shown to reduce disease risk. Toasted sesame seeds are another good choice. Sesame seeds have a high fat content, which makes them good for ducks.


Ducks thrive on a wide variety of foods, and nuts are no exception. Several types of nuts are great for ducks because they contain lots of protein and vitamins. However, they are not easy for ducks to digest, so you should only feed your ducks a small amount of nuts per day. Although peanuts are a delicious treat, you should avoid giving your ducks peanut butter or other flavored nuts as these may lead to digestive issues.


While most people are not familiar with the health benefits of fruit for ducks, the seeds and pulp from stone fruits can be toxic for them. Therefore, you must only feed your ducks fruits and vegetables in moderation. Fruits and vegetables are healthy for your ducks, but be sure to keep in mind that too much of them can cause digestive problems. For example, it is not healthy for a duck to consume too many strawberries, as the seeds contain cyanide, which can be toxic in small amounts.