What Kind of Duck Crumble Feed is Best For Your Ducks?

duck crumble feed

Duck crumble feed can be used as the sole ration for growing ducklings or as a free choice for adult ducks. As with any feed, provide fresh water to your ducks at all times. In addition to crumble feed, you can also give your ducks pellets or chick starter. But what kind of duck crumble feed is best for your flock? Here’s a guide. Let’s get started.

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Nature’s Best 18% Duck Crumble

When you’re considering buying duck feed, make sure to look for a brand with a high protein content. This product is also known as DUCK 1&2 crumble. This feed is appropriate for all sizes and types of ducks, including newborns, layer ducks, and large-sized breeds. It also contains plenty of protein and probiotics, making it a great choice for mixed flocks.

This product contains a high level of crude fiber and 0.5 percent phosphorus, and has 35 milligrams of Niacin per pound. It also has essential micronutrients like Vitamin A and zinc. It is also fermented, allowing you to offer your ducks whole grain feed without a worry about leaving fines or minerals behind. You’ll also be able to feed your ducks a higher percentage of duck’s diet with this feed.

Masterfeeds Heritage 20% All Vegetable Protein Duck & Goose Starter

The Masterfeeds Heritage 20% All Vegetable Portion Control Duck & Goose Starter is a highly nutritious diet for day-old goslings and ducklings. The crumble-like form makes it easy for small birds to eat. In addition, this formula contains selenium at 0.3 mg per kg, a trace mineral that helps promote strong growth.

This food contains 14% crude protein, 4.5% fiber, and 0.80 to 1.30% calcium. Ducks and geese benefit from these micronutrients, but the food doesn’t meet the minimum protein requirements. Nonetheless, it contains essential nutrients such as niacin and vitamin A, which support the development of legs and other parts of the body. It is important to avoid giving your ducklings soy foods because they contain aluminum and can affect their kidneys and brains. Additionally, too much soy in a bird’s diet can cause allergic reactions.

Chick starter

A complete duck feed is the perfect way to provide your chicks with the nutrition they need to thrive. Complete duck feed is antibiotic and medication-free and provides balanced nutrition for healthy ducks. Probiotics are included in the feed to support healthy digestion and gut health. There are no artificial colors or flavors. You can use it for your chicks from day one. Here are some reasons to choose duck crumble for your chicks.

Starter is higher in protein than grower. Ducklings should eat starter for the first two to three weeks of life. Starter contains too much protein for your chicks, and high protein levels can result in angel wing. Ducklings should eat crumbles. Always wet the crumble feed before giving it to your chicks to prevent choking. Pellets are too big for a chick’s tiny intestines, and they could choke.


Pellets for duck crumble feed are suitable for laying and growing ducks, although the first two weeks of their lives may be a little rough on the birds. It is best to give them crushed pellets, and oyster shell and grit as free choices in their feed. Make sure they have fresh water available at all times, and always keep them well-hydrated. If you are not sure what kind of feed to give your ducks, check out our tips below.

Ducks can be fed with pellets, but they prefer crumbles because they are more convenient for the birds to digest. Starter/grower crumble is a good choice for young ducks because it’s non-GMO and contains approximately 17% protein. The crumbles are made by cracking or rolling pellets and are safe for the birds. They also tend to eat more quickly and grow faster when they are fed crumbles.


A key ingredient in duckling feed is grit. Unlike humans, ducklings don’t have teeth and therefore need grit to properly digest their food. Their gizzard plays a similar role to the human’s teeth. It breaks down the food and helps build strong bones and shells. Without adequate grit in their diet, ducklings may develop deformed eggs. However, if you want to give your ducklings a healthy diet, grit is an essential component of their feed.

The process of grinding down food releases the nutrients in the grain, allowing digestion enzymes to work on them. These nutrients are then absorbed into the bloodstream. On the other hand, birds fed mash, pellets, and crumbs do not need insoluble grit to break them down. Insoluble grit still helps the digestive process and aids gut movement. Besides, grit in duck crumble feed is beneficial for forming eggshells.