What to Feed Indian Runner Ducks

what to feed indian runner ducks

Whether you are feeding your Indian Runner ducks in your garden, or in the wild, there are many things you should consider. It’s important to feed them the right kinds of food to avoid them getting sick or dying. There are three main categories of foods to feed them: Fruits, Herbs, and Greens. Also, you should watch out for weeds and slugs.

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When it comes to greens to feed Indian runner ducks, there is a lot of variety. You will find many varieties of vegetables, fruits, and herbs. However, keep in mind that there are some unsafe vegetables to feed a duck.

If you want to give your ducks a nutritious diet, consider feeding them fresh, dried, or canned vegetables. It’s also best to stick with greens like lettuce, dandelion, and kale. These vegetables are not only good for their taste, but they are also packed with essential nutrients.

There are also other kinds of plants your ducks may be interested in. For instance, bee balm, marigolds, and sunflowers are common flowers. This means that you could easily make treats from them.

One great way to give your ducks a healthy diet is by adding a laying ration to their regular food. The laying ration helps provide the ducks with calcium for their strong shells.


Indian Runner ducks are small meat birds that are very tasty. They can be found in a variety of colors, from black to blue. These ducks are easy to care for and make wonderful pets.

Although they are relatively low maintenance, they do require some supplemental feeding. In addition to their regular feed, they also need fresh greens.

If you don’t have access to the outdoors, you can provide your duck with a daily dose of fresh greens. You can either feed your ducks lettuce or cabbage, or you can let them forage for their own.

Ducks are great for fertilizing the garden. They also deter predators and can be a good source of meat and eggs. However, they can also cause problems. While they are not destructive, they can flatten nursery beds, and they can trample some of your greens.


When it comes to feeding Indian runner ducks, weeds can be a good thing. They can be used to provide natural fertilizer and pest control. You can use dandelion greens as a delicious treat for your ducks.

Weeds are a good source of calcium for ducks. Especially in high rainfall areas, liming the ground may be required. This will make it easier for your ducks to absorb the necessary amount of calcium.

Some flowers and weeds are toxic to animals. These include buttercups, tulips, daffodils, poppies, and even sweet peas. In addition, some plants have high concentrations of anti-feedants.

Ducks do not like bitter plants. These include lily of the valley, vetch, and milkweed.

Various bantam breeds are also good foragers. They can be very beneficial to farmers.


Indian runner ducks are graceful swimmers that love to forage in the wild. They are known for their eggs, which are highly sought after due to their pastel green color. The eggs are excellent for baking.

This duck is an easy pet to care for. It can be kept in a fenced area.

You can feed them a variety of fruits and vegetables. They are a great source of pest control for your garden. You can also feed them eggs.

These birds are extremely hardy and they are not prone to illnesses. However, they do need to have an area where they can forage. When they are not foraging, they are a bit shy. Therefore, you will need to handle them frequently to prevent their initial behavioral response.


If you have an Indian runner duck in your garden, it’s possible that you’re wondering what slugs to feed them. These little creatures are quite adept at scavenging for food, so you can expect to find them nibbling on all kinds of goodies.

Slugs are a common pest around Great Britain. But they’re also an attractive food source for ducks, which love the wet. In addition, they’re a good natural pest control solution.

When choosing a breed of duck, keep in mind the slug-eating capability of that particular species. Some breeds are particularly well-suited to slugs, while others do a better job of avoiding them.

The best way to feed slugs to your ducks is to let them forage for them. This is a good way to keep them from digging up your vegetables and lawn.