Whole Earth Farms Cat Food Reviews

whole earth farms cat food reviews

When selecting cat food, it’s essential to guarantee it meets the nutritional standards set by AAFCO. Whole Earth Farms meets these requirements with ease.

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They use high-quality proteins, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats in their recipes. Furthermore, they incorporate a wide selection of vegetables and fruits to maintain the nutritional balance in their meals.


Grain-Free Recipe with Real Salmon Dry Cat Food

Whole Earth Farms is a brand that emphasizes premium natural ingredients in their dry and wet cat foods. Additionally, this brand provides grain-free options as well as formulas suitable for all life stages.

Whole Earth Farms cat foods stand out from other pet food brands by being produced in the USA, with no artificial additives, by-products or ingredients imported from China. Their products are guaranteed to be free from these potential allergens.

Grain-free recipe featuring real salmon provides balanced nutrition for cats of all ages. This dry cat food starts with two concentrated sources of animal protein – salmon and turkey – followed by gluten-free carbohydrates like dried potatoes and peas.

The remaining ingredients are mainly fats and supplements, with chicken fat providing energy and essential nutrients for your cat. These include vitamins, minerals and probiotics. Furthermore, there are some supplemental sources of dietary fiber like dried alfalfa meal.

Grain-Free Recipe with Real Duck Canned Cat Food

This grain-free recipe with real duck is a tasty and nutritious canned cat food sure to please your furry friend’s appetite. Made with deboned duck as the main ingredient, this formula also includes plenty of nutritious fruits and vegetables for balanced nutrition.

This recipe is ideal for cats of any age. It’s fortified with essential vitamins and minerals to keep your furry friend healthy and active.

This premium canned cat food utilizes the latest technology to promote a healthy skin and coat. It’s fortified with antioxidants and omega fatty acids to support your cat’s immunity and overall wellbeing. Plus, it’s free from artificial colors and flavors so you can feel good about feeding your feline friend this tasty recipe. Plus, this convenient can comes in easy-open cans – providing all the convenience of feeding your feline kitty their favourite food! For more information about this highly rated pet food, click here!

Grain-Free Recipe with Real Chicken Canned Cat Food

Whole Earth Farms’ grain-free recipe with real chicken is an irresistible way to give your cat a healthy serving of protein. This canned dish comes in a can and has the right calorie count so that it will satisfy their appetite while keeping their kidneys happy and healthy.

Our food is carefully crafted in the USA with only premium, all natural ingredients that don’t shy away from anything novel. In addition to traditional ingredients, you’ll also find coconut oil and fish meal for increased immune support for your feline friend.

Although their ingredient list is short, the company has created an appealing line of pet foods with all essential nutrients your pup or cat needs to thrive. From kibble to canned and everything in between, there’s sure to be something suitable for both of you. Plus, these wholesome items can be conveniently ordered from either your local pet store or through the company website – providing added convenience!

Grain-Free Recipe with Real Duck Pate Canned Cat Food

This grain-free recipe with real duck pate canned cat food is the ideal choice for cats with grain sensitivities. It uses only one animal protein source and includes nutritious fruits and vegetables for added nutrition.

This nutritious pate-style food is free from grains, corn, soy and gluten ingredients. Plus it boasts high amounts of essential omega fatty acids which support healthy coat and skin.

This formula’s primary ingredient is deboned duck, which is meat from any member of the Anatidae waterfowl with all bones removed. When fed to pets, duck can provide them with primary protein sources as well as essential animal fat, minerals and amino acids.

This formula also contains chicken broth, made by boiling chicken meat, skin, and bones to add moisture and enhance flavor. It’s fortified with essential vitamins and minerals to provide balanced nutrition for cats of all life stages. Plus it’s a low-fat, high-protein diet that’s easy to digest.