WholeHearted Dog Treats

wholehearted dog treats

WholeHearted provides delicious and nutritious pet foods and treats that have earned high praise from veterinarians and dog owners alike. Their offerings are beloved among canine enthusiasts everywhere.

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Avoid low-grade meat by-products by choosing real proteins from lamb, duck, beef and chicken meat meals which have had their moisture removed for concentrated sources of protein.


Grain-free recipes

Wholehearted dog treats make an excellent way to provide positive reinforcement training. Their bite-sized design makes them great rewards when your pup completes a command correctly or simply to show her that you love her! Plus, these dental hygiene-boosting treats may help reduce tartar build-up.

Grain-free recipes employ a range of vegetables and legumes such as sweet potatoes, garbanzo beans and lentils, along with protein-boosting dried yeast and chia seeds for increased protein. Furthermore, these meals include canine probiotic strains as well as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids for maximum nutritional benefit.

Grain-inclusive recipes

Whole grain foods provide vital vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber at an affordable cost – and budget-minded pet parents often opt for whole grains to provide their pet with proper nutrition at a price point they can manage.

WholeHearted All Life Stages Beef & Pea Formula contains an abundance of lentils, peas and chickpeas which may counteract their promise as “grain-free”. While this ingredient combination doesn’t represent necessarily bad practices or practices of this brand.

WholeHearted offers an assortment of dry and canned dog food products designed to address specific health needs such as high protein diets, digestive health management, skin and coat care solutions, weight control strategies and weight maintenance.

Ocean fishes

Ocean fishes provide a rich source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids, both essential components to skin and coat health. Omega-3s may also reduce joint inflammation. Fish treats provide another hypoallergenic option for dogs with allergies or sensitive stomachs.

Look for high-quality ocean-based dog foods and chews made from wild-caught fish from clean waters and sustainable fisheries, as well as treats with an ingredient list that does not include fillers, artificial preservatives, and colors.

Earthborn Holistic SELECT Ocean Fish Formula is a grain-free solution designed to closely resemble your pet’s ancestral diet, using multiple sources of cold-water ocean fishes as well as fruits, vegetables, and botanicals for digestive support.

Sunflower and canola oil

WholeHearted pet food is an outstanding selection crafted with top-quality ingredients at an economical price point for most pet owners. Their grain-free formulas offer high levels of protein and other essential nutrients – ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Chicken fat is one of the animal fat sources utilized by this company for use in their recipes, adding palatability and flavor. Furthermore, this soluble fiber source aids digestion.

The food contains real chicken as the primary protein source, along with brown rice as a grain, carb, and fiber source. Furthermore, DHA is included to promote brain development while probiotics aid digestion. There are different sizes of kibble for smaller and larger breeds available for sale.

Tomato pomace

Tomato pomace is the by-product of processing tomatoes for juice, soup or ketchup; it consists of skins, pulp and crushed seeds which remain after using the tomatoes to produce these products. Tomato pomace is an excellent source of soluble fiber as well as high levels of anti-oxidants; additionally it provides protein and B vitamins.

Tomato Pomace undergoes two intensive rounds of processing before it can be added to pet foods. The first occurs during human product manufacturing; and second when added to dry or wet highly processed dog food.

Chicken fat

Wholehearted offers an assortment of primarily grain-free foods tailored for dogs of all life stages, featuring options with high proteins, digestive health support and skin/coat care benefits. Both dry kibble and canned wet food varieties are available.

WholeHearted uses fresh, healthy ingredients in their recipes. Instead of low-quality meat byproducts or fillers, WholeHearted utilizes proteins such as lamb, chicken and beef in its dishes.

Food contains dried beet pulp for its high level of soluble fiber content and aiding with digestion, making this diet particularly helpful for dogs with digestive issues.

Dried beet pulp

Dried beet pulp is a fibrous byproduct of sugar beet processing that’s often used to add fiber-rich food items like pet food. Not only can dried beet pulp promote regularity in bowel function, it can also lower cholesterol levels.

Fiber can support digestive health by absorbing moisture and providing energy. Furthermore, it serves as an excellent protein source for dogs with diabetes.

Wholehearted Dog Food uses fresh and natural ingredients in its recipes for canines. Their grain-inclusive formulas contain cracked pearl barley and rice bran; as well as plant-based components like chickpeas, pea flour and sweet potatoes. No low-quality by-products or fillers are used here!