Wholesale Chicken Feed – Why Buy in Bulk?

Shop a wide range of high-protein and GMO free chicken feed to meet the needs of newborn chicks and egg-laying hens, from newborn chicks to egg laying hens. Stored properly, bulk feed can last months or even years!

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Wherever your poultry supply needs are, be it 50 lb bags of Family Farm layer feed or chick starter crumbles – make sure the supplier you select offers an array of choices.



One of the major expenses on any homestead is animal feed. Chickens require this staple food source, so purchasing bulk chicken feed could significantly lower your overall feed bill. Buying it all in at once may provide substantial cost-cutting opportunities!

As well as saving money, purchasing bulk chicken feed can also help lower your environmental footprint. By purchasing in bulk you will minimize waste produced during packaging of the feed; this is especially beneficial when opting for organic ingredients in its formulation.

When selecting a company to buy bulk chicken feed from, ensure they provide discounts for large orders. You may find this information online or by contacting them directly. Furthermore, ask if they practice fair trade practices as this indicates whether they care about their suppliers instead of just seeing profits as being important.


While buying in bulk can save money, it can quickly spoil. Be sure to store it somewhere cool with an expiration date stamped on it; additionally, inquire whether the company can arrange regular shipments so that there is always enough on hand.

Look for a company that produces high-quality chicken feed. Be sure to research what ingredients make up each batch, along with any percentage breakdown. Look for brands who practice fair trade practices as well.

An excellent place to begin searching for poultry feed is at a farm supply and feed store. They tend to carry more variety of options than large pet stores like Petco. Tractor Supply Company stocks DUMOR brand feed specifically formulated for chicks, growers, and layers; with wheat, barley, peas, sesame meal and organic ground limestone and oyster shells for optimal egg production.

Customer Service

When purchasing bulk chicken feed, it is essential that the company will meet your needs and offer outstanding customer service – be it via phone call, email or live chat.

Ask the supplier how quickly they can deliver feed shipments, especially if you require large amounts at once. If they can’t meet this deadline, consider going with someone else instead.

As with any company, be sure to inquire about its quality guarantee and ingredients used in their chicken feed. Ideally, it should contain only top-of-the-line components. Furthermore, ask about fair trade practices implemented by many reputable firms; these demonstrate they have more of a conscience than simply operating as profit-driven corporations.


While shopping, always check if companies provide flat-rate shipping rates or calculate it according to weight and location before placing your order. If it’s the latter case, be sure to obtain an accurate cost estimate before finalizing it.

Ask them if they can ship directly to your address or a nearby feed store where you can pick it up, as this will lower shipping costs and help save more on product.

Ask if they offer bulk discounts, such as 10% or more for orders of half a ton or more, to help lower your chicken feed bill considerably. Bulk orders keep fresh for several months, further saving money while decreasing environmental footprint. They should be able to answer this query quickly and efficiently or may have an entire page dedicated to bulk order discounts on their website.