Why a Cat Snack Ball is a Fun and Engaging Toy For Your Cat

Treats can be a fun way to reward your cat, but most of them are unhealthy. That is why we suggest focusing on toys that stimulate your cat’s natural instincts instead.

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Interactive toys like cat tunnels and pens are ideal to start. Once your cat becomes comfortable with this routine, you can gradually introduce more challenging toys with rewards.


It’s a toy and a treat dispenser in one

Cat snack balls are fun and engaging for both you and your furry friend. You can add catnip inside for extra motivation, or fill them with yummy treats!

This cat toy encourages your feline’s natural hunting instincts and keeps it mentally stimulated, which is essential for maintaining their wellbeing. Furthermore, the toy makes mealtime more exciting by releasing treats as your cat bats or pushes the toy around, creating an exciting game in its own right!

This toy is ideal for cats who struggle with puzzle toys or need some mental stimulation. With five food puzzles and easy cleanup/maintenance requirements, this investment will keep your pup occupied for hours on end.

This toy dispenser may be one of the more expensive options on this list, but your cat will love the challenge it provides. This one features tubes that contain treats for them to discover how to get out. Plus, it has a spiky surface to help navigate with their paws.

It’s easy to clean

Cats can be finicky creatures, so it’s no wonder that they prefer playing with high-quality, durable toys made of purr-fect materials. Luckily, these toys last years and require minimal upkeep – plus, they help maintain a healthy feline population by reducing accidents such as knocking over bowls of food or tripping over your pet while chasing after a ball of yarn.

When it comes to cat toys, there are plenty of standard options. But we’ve discovered a few that stand out above the rest – like the cat snack ball – a small plastic container that holds up to 85 grams worth of treats in its twist-on lid. Plus, this entertains your furry friend while you’re away at work or school – making it an ideal choice!

It’s a challenge

Use your cat’s natural instincts to hunt for food with this interactive toy, creating an exciting challenge at meal time. Place their favorite treats inside the onigiri-style toy and let them have at it; they’ll need to shake the ball in order to release them – providing your furry friend with a fun activity they’ll love. Their reward will be their favorite treat! Furthermore, this interactive toy also promotes good dental health by stimulating natural curiosity and playtime.

The cat snack ball is the standout product, combining a toy and treat dispenser in one. Constructed from PVC material, it features an innovative multi-functional design that’s enjoyable for your cat while easy to clean. It can be filled with various treats including dry food.

It’s fun

Cat snack balls are an excellent way to make mealtime more exciting for your pet. Rolling it around and getting at the treats inside challenges them cognitively, while also encouraging exercise and portion control – two key elements in maintaining a feline’s wellbeing.

GOLi Design created this cat treat dispensing toy as part of their commitment to creating innovative and eco-friendly pet products. They follow Fair Trade principles and use recycled materials whenever possible.

This treat dispenser is simple to use: place your pet’s favorite small treats or kibble inside the ball and watch as it rolls around, releasing food. Your cat will have hours of entertainment as they challenge themselves with this durable toy that’s easy to clean – perfect for any home! With six colors, these balls are sure to keep your furry friend engaged for hours on end!