Why Bully Sticks Are the Best Dog Treat For Your Cadet

dog treat sticks

Dogs exploring their yards or taking daily walks could come across sticks which could become lodged in their mouth, leading to internal injuries and potentially breaking teeth or choking them.

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Dog treat sticks offer a healthy alternative to rawhide for dogs and cats alike, yet some pet parents are wary about their ingredients and source. When purchasing bully sticks for your pet, keep these tips in mind:


Easily Digestible

Bully sticks are more easily digestible than other dog treats or chews such as rawhide, which often contains beef hide that may be difficult for dogs to break down in their stomachs. By contrast, bully sticks are fully digestible, decreasing risk of intestinal blockages or other health complications in your dog.

As your dog chews on a bully stick, its gnawing and licking action promotes dental hygiene by clearing away plaque and tartar from their teeth and gums, helping reduce symptoms of periodontal disease as they do so.

As single-ingredient treats, bully sticks make an excellent option for dogs with allergies or food sensitivities. Low in fat and rich in protein, they’re an excellent way to promote weight loss or maintain current levels. Plus, unlike many chews which could splinter and cause internal injuries if broken off accidentally, making bully sticks safer options when teething puppies need chews!


Bully Sticks are long-lasting natural chew toys made of real meat that last hours or days for your dog to enjoy gnawing on. Dogs love these treats and they provide plenty of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals such as omega 3 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat, protein for strong muscles and proper body functions, amino acids for cardiovascular support and eyesight enhancement!

Low in fat and odor-free, these treats make an ideal snack for power chewers and small dogs alike. Made with beef sourced from grass-fed cattle and processed through boiling, smoking and slow drying to retain natural flavors and high levels of nutrients while remaining bacteria-free; furthermore they contain no artificial preservatives or flavors! With regular chewing they may even help reduce plaque and tartar buildup on teeth!

Variety of Textures

Dogs naturally have an instinctual desire to chew sticks, which can splinter in their jaws. Long-lasting natural chews may satisfy this urge while remaining safe for Cadet. Plus, these treats offer interesting textures for him or her to interact with, providing stimulation through stimulation of sensory experiences.

Good ‘n Tasty Bully Sticks are made with both soft and crunchy textures for optimal snacking enjoyment, featuring delicious premium chicken, wholesome duck, and tender beef flavors. Sourced from free-range cattle with no added chemicals!

Sancho & Lola offer grass-fed beef chews from North and South America that make great alternatives to rawhide for fighting plaque and tartar, while being free from growth hormones, toxic chemicals, antibiotics, etc. Their charcuterie-style sticks come in multiple sizes to meet any chewer’s chewing needs and come conveniently resealable bags for storage purposes.

Natural Chews

Unoccupied paws or jaws can lead to destructive behaviors in dogs such as chewing furniture, digging holes in the yard and eating habits that compromise their oral health. By providing natural chews that provide long-term stimulation while simultaneously supporting their dental hygiene needs.

Natural chews can be an excellent way to ease separation anxiety in dogs by distracting their mind from being alone for any extended periods. When used alongside other calming strategies, natural chews may also help them become more comfortable with alone time and reduce behavior issues associated with it.

These delectable single-ingredient chews are made from the pizzle of beef cattle and naturally flavored. Low in fat and an excellent source of protein – essential macronutrients! Ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs or allergies who require weight management.