Wild Harvest Canary and Finch Blend

wild harvest canary and finch blend

If you are looking for a nutritional canary and finch blend for your bird, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find out the ingredients in the product and if it is right for your pet. You’ll also find information about the types of fruit and vegetable used to make the blend, as well as information on healthy nuts and fruits. You can also find nutritional facts about other types of birds in this article.

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Ingredients in canary and finch blend

Wild Harvest canary and finch blend provides the essential nutrients that your bird needs for healthy growth and development. It contains a tantalizing variety of nutritious fruits, seeds, nuts, and vegetables that are good for your bird’s health and taste buds. In addition, this blend contains vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids. Your bird will love the unique flavor and nutritional value of this premium mix.

This resealable canary and finch food is made from wholesome grains, canary grass seed, and selected nuts. It also provides the proper balance of vitamins, minerals, and fiber essential for a healthy bird’s diet. It is also free of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives, and is 100 percent complete and balanced. Wild Harvest also guarantees its ingredients to be fresh at all times, so you can feel confident your bird will get the best possible nutrition from this premium food.

Suitable for canaries

Suitable for wild harvest canary and finches blend provides nutritional benefits and a wide variety of tasty treats for your birds. This nutritious food is full of vitamins and minerals, and canary grass and finch millet, which are essential for a healthy diet. The unique formula also includes a variety of fruits and vegetables, as well as niger seed and fortified grains. It provides your birds with essential fatty acids and important vitamins and minerals.

Suitable for wild harvest canary and finches blend provides quality bird seed that won’t make your birds throw out unpalatable bird seeds. Suitable for wild harvest canary and finch blend contains a unique combination of seeds that are palatable for both finches and canaries. These birds also enjoy fruits and other healthy foods. The blend is packed in a resealable bag to help keep it fresh, bug free, and fresh.

Healthy fruits and vegetables

A tasty treat for your pet bird is a healthy fruit and vegetable mix. Wild Harvest Canary and Finch Blend contains a nourishing blend of grains, crunchy nuts, wholesome vegetables, and seeds for a tasty treat. It’s also an important dietary variety, and rich in vitamins and minerals. The ingredients in this blend are easily digestible and easy for your canary or finch to consume.

Wild Harvest offers a variety of nutritional and interactive products, including a canary and finch blend. Its canary and finch blend is made with all-natural ingredients, including soy and wheat germ oil. Vitamins and minerals are essential for healthy growth and maintenance, and fiber promotes a healthy digestive system. Wild Harvest’s delicious and nutritious mix includes fruit, vegetables, and other seeds for added flavor and variety.


The Wild Harvest Canary and Finch blend contains a tantalizing variety of premium seeds and fruits. This food is a great source of essential vitamins and minerals and is ideal for small birds. The blend is rich in fatty acids, which are essential to healthy skin and feathers. Its ingredients are all natural and safe for your birds. The birds will love the delicious taste and convenience of these tasty snacks!

The Healthy Birds Wild Harvest Canary and Finch Blend contains both canary and finch seed. The canary seed is just a tiny portion of the mix, and the canary will not eat it. There’s no date code on this food, so it’s impossible to know how many calories it has. The nuts and fruits in the mix provide your birds with the proper amino acids and fiber for healthy digestion.


If you are looking for the best canary and finch food, the best option is the Wild Harvest Canary and Finch seed blend. This mix contains vitamins A & E, fortified grains, fruits & vegetables, fatty acids, and other essential nutrients. Wild Harvest offers several kinds of seed blend for small birds. Some of these blends are also suitable for the birds that are not able to eat regular seeds.

The Tantalizing Premium Blend includes canaries’ and finches’ favourite grains and bite-size fruits, crunchy nuts, wholesome vegetables, and delicious seeds. It has all the right ingredients to offer a variety of taste and important dietary components. It also contains important vitamins and minerals. Your bird will thank you for this healthy, natural food. You can see why so many people choose to feed their birds with this blend.