Yak Sticks For Dogs

yak sticks for dogs

Yak chews are safe for dogs because they’re free from preservatives and added flavors, low in fat, and high in protein content. Like any chew product, however, yak sticks must always be given under supervision to prevent chipped or broken teeth.

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This treat contains yak milk, salt and lime juice baked into hard, long-term chews that keep dogs busy gnawing on them for hours – they’re completely digestible too! No smell either!


They’re low odour

Yak sticks feature low odor levels, meaning that chewing them won’t contribute to keeping your home odor-free. This makes them an invaluable asset to owners looking for ways to keep their environment tidy.

Yak sticks are highly digestible treats for dogs with sensitive stomachs or allergies, making them an excellent treat choice. Furthermore, yak sticks provide essential protein sources to dogs’ muscles, bones, and hair – essential elements in keeping their bodies running at peak performance!

Yak chews contain high protein content to support healthy teeth in dogs. Their scraping action removes plaque and tartar build-up, helping prevent cavities and enhance breath. But be careful while your pup chews one: too hard chewing may break teeth or present a choking risk if swallowing large pieces; thus making these treats not suitable for young or senior dogs with weaker jaws.

They’re high in protein

Yak sticks offer high protein content without adding preservatives or chemicals, are lactose-free and contain very little salt compared to other chews on the market. Plus, their ingredients can be baked until hard and cheese-like for easier digestibility – ideal for most pups and even senior or smaller dogs with dental issues!

As with any chew, there is always the risk of choking with any type of treat for dogs who tend to overdo it with chews and swallow large pieces at one time. Therefore, pet parents should monitor their pup while they enjoy a treat!

Yak chews provide a healthy alternative to other chews, as they don’t stain floors or paws and promote good oral hygiene by removing plaque and improving breath. They can even be broken up and microwaved for an easy crunchy treat!

They’re easy to clean

Yak chews make cleaning up easier than other chewables that may leave a mess, and since they’re made from renewable resources they also don’t contribute to waste generation like many other pet chews do.

These treats are free from chemicals and artificial ingredients, making them the ideal treat for pets with sensitive stomachs or allergies. Furthermore, they’re low in fat content and lactose-free – perfect for dogs that have dairy intolerance issues!

Finally, yak chews are easy to keep clean as they do not leave behind much debris or stain floors like other types of chews do. When giving one to your pup make sure that it’s being consumed on a surface that makes cleaning easy such as towels or tiles floors.

Yak chews can be an exciting treat for any pet who enjoys chewing, but be wary – they could pose a choking hazard if your pup chews too hard or swallows pieces accidentally. Therefore, when offering one to your pup it is always wise to supervise closely to avoid accidents such as these occurring.

They’re safe

Yak chews are generally safe for dogs, though it’s still wise to supervise their chewing activity. Like other dog treats, these present a choking risk and could shatter into smaller pieces; additionally they contain salt which could potentially irritate sensitive stomachs.

To ensure the health and well-being of your pet, select a chew without preservatives, chemicals, artificial flavors, or chemical humectants – ingredients which could potentially cause restlessness, tooth decay or obesity in dogs.

Consider that yak chews last much longer than bully sticks; depending on your pup’s chewing habits, it could take hours or days before they finish gnawing one down! In addition, these non-odorous chews won’t leave any foul odor in your home – these makes them the better option than bully sticks for your canine companion! For optimal performance and convenience try Pawstruck Monster Yak Chews or EcoKind Gold Yak Chews as good options!