Zero Waste Wild Bird Food From Elite

zero waste wild bird food

Zero Waste Wild Bird Food from Elite is designed to attract your favorite outdoor pet birds while providing a clean and healthy feeding experience. It features real fruits, nuts, and premium seeds. These ingredients are paired with added vitamins, electrolytes, and amino acids. It also contains no corn, milo, millet, or chemical preservatives.

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No-Waste wild bird food is a great way to feed your birds without the mess. Regular bird seed can get messy quickly, leaving layers of hulls, shells, and seeds all over your deck or patio. A no-waste blend eliminates these problems by using only seeds and no other fillers. It is also very economical, and the birds will love the taste!

While no-waste bird seed blends can be expensive, you can often save money by buying less expensive varieties of bird seed. You can also use bulk no-waste seed for your birds. However, be aware that bulk no-waste bird seed blends are generally more expensive than the basic seed blends you find at local stores.


No-Miss wild bird food is made from high-quality ingredients that birds can easily consume. The blends of shelled peanuts, sunflower chips, and white millet are very attractive to birds that like to feed at feeders. These foods are all 100% edible and won’t make a mess when birds feed off them.

The combination of peanuts and shelled sunflower seeds will appeal to a wide range of species. Peanuts and shelled sunflower seeds are healthy for birds, containing significant amounts of protein and fat.


If you want to give your birds a clean and hassle-free meal, No-Shell wild bird food is the right choice. This product is comprised of sunflower seeds that are hulled rather than whole. It also contains peanuts, tree nuts, and cracked corn. All of these ingredients are 100% edible and attractive to birds.

No-Shell wild bird food is made from only high-quality ingredients. Its high protein, fats, and oils promote growth and good health. It also reduces shell litter, resulting in healthier birds and a cleaner yard. It’s ideal for free-ranging birds and can be easily added to your regular wild bird food.


No-Milo wild bird food is made with zero waste in mind. It is made with nuts, minerals, and amino acids that attract desirable outdoor pets. It is also available in specialized no-mess seed blends. It is also more cost-effective than standard birdseed.

No-Milo wild bird food contains more than 50 percent shelled sunflower seeds, millet, canary grass, and some dried fruits and nuts. The company has also made their mix zero waste by eliminating any filler or shells.


Unlike traditional birdseed, no-waste wild bird food is completely consumed by the birds. It contains natural ingredients such as insects, flower nectar, and small fruits, berries, and crabapples. You can purchase no-waste bird seed alone or in specialty blends. These blends are often more cost effective than traditional birdseed and can provide your backyard birds with the nutrition and health benefits they need.

This no-waste wild bird seed has no shell or hull. This allows the birds to easily pick it up and consume it. This is a great choice for balcony feeders or small gardens. No-waste seeds are great for attracting a wide variety of wild birds. Moreover, they will not sprout your plants, which is perfect for balconies, patios, and decks.

No-Miss(r) Fruit Blend

No-Miss(r) Fruit blend is a zero waste gourmet mix made from fruit and nuts that attract many different birds including finches, woodpeckers, and grosbeaks. It contains vitamins and minerals that make it an excellent choice for feeding wild birds in your yard.

This blend features sunflower kernels, shelled peanuts, and hulled white millet. This combination of seeds and nuts appeals to many different types of birds. This zero-waste blend is also free of fillers and shells, which means you can save money on your next purchase.